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    SHOWstudio has a fashion illustration pop-up on Floral Street!

    Nick Knight and his award winning fashion website SHOWstudio are offering the public a chance to explore their extensive archive of original fashion illustrations at a brand new pop-up on Covent Garden's newly opened Floral Street!

    The space will be open until January 2018 and will host a selection of SHOWstudio's illustrators taking residency, allowing the public a chance to watch them work first hand. The space also offers visitors a chance to sit on one of SHOWstudio's panel sets. The gorgeous chairs, usually reserved only for panelists are arranged to create a reading corner with a curated selection of books and magazines.

    SHOWstudio has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion and all stages of the creative process. Throughout the years, as a key advocate of fashion illustration, SHOWstudio has gathered a community of the most exciting emerging and established illustrators and commissioned a variety of unique and collectable artworks for its seasonal collections coverage and for special projects. As affordable and unique pieces, these artworks offer a perfect entry point for future art collectors and the SHOWstudio Floral Street pop-up provides the perfect environment to introduce these artists and illustrators to a much deserved wider audience.

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    Explore the incredible work from Restore The Music UK

    Restore The Music is a UK based charity that funds music education by providing instruments directly to state schools across London. To raise awareness for this cause, Polly Moore, longtime supporter of Nick Knight and SHOWstudio, has asked Rankin to make a series of films, releasing 3 October 2017. 

    In Moore's own words; 'The idea was to have one film which simply encapsulated the power of music in life and present the existence of RTM UK (the DNA Film), and the other (Battle of the bands) presents a simple snapshot of the charity through our music competition which took place in July.'

    Restore The Music has now granted £600,000 to 20 schools in 9 boroughs, reaching over 16,000 children!

    Explore their work here.

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    SHOWstudio x Innersect, Shanghai!

    SHOWstudio are honoured to be a media partner and contributor for Innersect, Shanghai. Innersect is an impressive showcase of creatives from the world of art, food, fashion and music, who stem, not only from the contemporary and forward-thinking city of Shanghai, but from the influencing cities of New York, Paris, London, L.A and Tokyo. 

    From 4 October to 10 October, the SHOWstudio team will be visiting Shanghai to showcase our work, host a panel discussion and film a selection of In Your Face interviews! 

    SHOWstudio will be showcasing their films in a custom booth at the Innersect expo - If you have a ticket, stop by and meet the team! Plus: The trade show will have a bounty of SHOWstudio contributors and unique new talent on display, visit to peruse spaces by the likes of Scott Campbell, J.W.Anderson, Kelly Beeman and more. 

    On 6 October, Lou Stoppard will be joined by No Vacancy Inn’s Tremaine Emory, Ambush’s Yoon Ahn, our host Edison Chen and ALYX’s Matthew Williams to discuss Collaboration within fashion - why are collaborations so prevalent within street-culture and to what extent is this to do with the merging of music with fashion. This will be released on SHOWstudio's In Conversation series at a later date. Stay tuned for both the panel and the upcoming In Your Face's with ASAP Rocky and Dr. Woo! 

    Scan the QR code in the attached image for more information and download the Innersect app to buy tickets, download schedules and for all details of the next few days. 

    Thanks to Edison and his wonderful team for hosting us!

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    Molly Goddard is our next 'In Fashion' interviewee!

    We are delighted to announce that womenswear designer and 2016 British Emerging Talent award-winner Molly Goddard will be our next 'In Fashion' interviewee! Goddard will be interviewed live by Lou Stoppard 18 October 2017 11:30 BST.

    Specialising in traditional hand-craft techniques such as hand pleating, smocking and crocheting. Goddard's collections are held in stockists worldwide including Dover Street Market, Trading Museum Comme des Garçons, I.T, Browns, Boon the Shop and Club 21.  

    Goddard's work touches upon themes of special occasions, nostalgia and coming of age, often taking inspiration from party dressing and Sunday best. The techniques she utilises serve to create clothes that are both delicate and fragile. 

    Tune in to this exclusive live interview 18 October to hear Goddard discuss her affinity for buzzworthy shows, her family-based practice and her mastery of pouffed silhouettes!

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    Introducing our PFW illustrator Frèdèric Forest

    The French artist Frédéric Forest is our Paris Womenswear S/S 18 illustrator! Explore his minimal drawings reinterpreting the Paris runway looks!  

    Forest perceives paper as the primary source of every design. His technique is mainly based in drawing black lines, taking the female body’s outline as his main inspiration. 

    Head to our Tumblr to peruse his work! 
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    Introducing our LFW illustrator Julia Pelzer

    Hamburg based illustrator Julia Pelzer is our guest illustrator for London Fashion Week this season! Don't miss her interpretations of catwalk looks as part of our coverage for London collections.

    Her signature elegant and feminine aesthetic is inspired by Asian art and traditional calligraphy techniques. Pelzer expresses her figures through fluid expressive lines, visible brush strokes and bold colour. 


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    Introducing our NYFW Illustrator Veronica Mortellaro

    Seattle based artist Veronica Mortellaro is our guest illustrator for NYFW this season! Don't miss her interpretations of designers such as Tom Ford and Calvin Klein as part of our coverage of New York collections. 

    Fascinated by people, bodies, relationships, and emotions, Mortellaro uses the fluidity of acrylic ink and watercolour to explore the human figure. As a young woman living with chronic pain, Mortellaro's figures are an expression of human experience. The medium of ink facilitates the fluid relationship between Mortellaro and her work. Don't miss her muted abstract forms in our carefully curated collections coverage. 

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    Womenswear S/S 18 Panel Schedule

    During the Womenswear S/S 18 collections, SHOWstudio will be hosting fourteen live panels debating and discussing the most anticipated womenswear shows of the S/S 18 collections. 

    This season, Lou StoppardMimma Viglezio and Georgina Evans chair panels alongside various industry experts on a range of issues currently affecting the fashion industry, all streamed live at either 11:00, 14:00 or 17:00 BST.

    See the schedule below and tune into our panels featuring Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, Versus Versace, Marques'Almeida, Fendi, Jil Sander, Y/Project, Lanvin, Rick Owens and Givenchy.

    Calvin Klein

    Friday 8 September 2017 at 11:00 BST

    Topic: Why does everyone copy Raf? What should American fashion look like today?


    Chair: Lou Stoppard, Editor-at-Large

    Charlotte Roberts, stylist 

    Nellie Eden, writer

    Alexandra Fullerton, stylist

    Dal Chodha, editor


    Helmut Lang

    Tuesday 12 September 11:00 BST

    Topic: Given Shayne Oliver’s appointment, we will consider the concept of an ‘editor in residence’. How does one pay due respect to the original designer?


    Georgina Evans, junior editor



    Versus Versace

    Sunday 17 September 14:00 BST

    Topic: Is a rotating creative director viable to the Versus model?


    Lou Stoppard, editor-at-large

    Dan Thawley, editor-in-chief




    Monday 18 September 17:00 BST

    Topic: How can brands target a youth audience?


    Georgina Evans, junior editor




    Thursday 21 September 17:00 BST

    Topic: Fendi is back! Why is the house excelling right now?


    Mimma Viglezio, creative consultant

    Finn Mactaggart, editor 

    Shonagh Marshall, curator



    Jil Sander

    TBA (Saturday 23 September 17:00 BST)

    Topic: Jil Sander is now helmed by Lucie and Luke Meier. In a new landscape of creative directors, who are the emerging power brands?


    Mimma Viglezio, creative consultant




    Wednesday 27 September 11:00 BST 

    Topics: This panel delves into Paris' young creative scene. Has the city changed after Vetements' era of irreverent youth? Who are the new brands to know?  


    Lou Stoppard, editor-at-large



    Lanvin - Student Panel 

    Wednesday 27 September 17:00 BST

    Topic: This student panel will discuss the effect Alber Elbaz's departure has had on the house, the brand has gone through two creative directors in the space of two years, first Bouchra Jarrar and the newly appointed 'e-couture master' Olivier Lapidus. How can one of the oldest surviving French fashion houses stay relevant in the digital era?


    Lou Stoppard, editor-at-large



    Rick Owens

    Friday 29 September 11:00 BST

    Topic: The best shows in fashion? What makes a Rick Owens show such a winner.


    Lou Stoppard, editor-at-large




    Sunday 1 October 11:00 BST

    Topic: This panel discusses Clare Waight Keller's debut for the house in the wake of Ricardo Tischi's twelve-year tenure. Is her move from Chloé to Givenchy a good fit? Does this feel like contemporary Givenchy?


    Lou Stoppard, editor-at-large

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    New Label Les Girls Les Boys celebrates the concept of 'Bed to Street'

    Self indentifying as a brand that embraces the newest cultural and generational attitudes, Les Girls Les Boys launches their first collection this week!

    Promoting the idea of 'Bed to Street,' the line is categorised by simple underwear, soft t-shirts and beautifully cut hoodies. Unadorned and modest in colour, the brand commits to an image that is is un-filtered, un-pretentious and honest. Resolutely democratic and self-assured les girls les boys celebrates the fluidity of love and friendship, cross cultural mind-sets and diverse identities.

    Shop online at: 




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    Tumblr Take-over: Kylie Jenner's Sheer

    On 4 July 2017, Nick Knight shot Kylie Jenner for  newest issue in an editorial entitled Sheer. A modern icon, Jenner is transformed through Knight's lens, her infamous hour-glass-to-the-extreme physique is showcased in blinding light, whilst enveloped in diaphanous garments styled by Anna Trevelyan.

    As part of SHOWstudio's dedication to revealing the entire photographic process, the entire day-long shoot was live streamed in collaboration with V Magazine, where you can see Knight at work and the full progression of the shoot. 

    For our newest Tumblr take-over, we have created exclusive GIF's taken directly from the live stream footage which depicts the social media mogul in minute motion. 

    Over the course of next week, SHOWstudio will be posting exclusive GIF's of Jenner, along with conversations between Knight and Trevelyan sharing their thoughts and references prior to the shoot. Discover full shoot only on our Tumblr

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    Kylie Jenner's V Magazine Editorial 'Sheer' Goes Live

    On the 4 July 2017, Nick Knight united with stylist Anna Trevelyan and entrepreneur and TV reality star Kylie Jenner, for an editorial for V Magazine, entitled Sheer

    Exploring the life of one of the most exposed figures in the world, Knight reflects Jenner's infamous figure in a series of images that reveal the raw physicality of the youngest Kardashian. Enveloped in diaphanous garments and delicate metal mouthpieces by Trevelyan, the social media mogul is shown in a whole new light. 

    Discover the full editorial gallery, including final photographs, plus behind the scenes footage of styling, hair and makeup and exclusive stills from the shoot, broadcast in real time. And see the Sheer editorial in V Magazine available from the 31st of August 2017. 

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    New Series! Best in Show

    We are delighted to launch our new series Best in Show! The series will feature a selection of industry insiders discussing in detail their favourite piece from the previous fashion weeks. Beginning with the menswear collections, Best in Show delves into the thought process of what makes an evocative garment, whether it’s the cut or shape, the collection in its entirety, or simply the material that instils a reaction from the wearer.

    Watch our first installation of the series in which creative director of ALYX Matthew Williams discusses a bonded leather ensemble from his latest collection. 'It was the piece that I most want to wear.' Williams takes the audience through the construction of the look, focusing on the detail of the leather it is constructed from. Don’t miss out on the first part of this brand new rolling series and stay tuned for Lou Stoppard’s pick Sunday 14 August 2017!


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    New series SHOWtech!

    We are excited to introduce SHOWtech, a brand new segment in which Nick Knight and his photographic assistants explain the technicalities behind complex production! SHOWtech demonstrates SHOWstudio's committment to a level of transparency of the photographic techniques employed during shoots and filming. 

    In the first instalment, Knight and his first assistant Britt Lloyd explain the technical procedures undertaken during the making of Ungewöhnlich Schön - Knight's editorial for Stern Magazine. Focusing on equipment such as the Robert Juliat spotlight, this discussion is the first of many.

    Discover more about the processes and techniques used by Nick Knight and the SHOWstudio team with SHOWtech!

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    Tumblr Take-over: Fecal Matter

    Tomorrow, 1 August, Fecal Matter will be taking over SHOWstudio's tumblr as our latest guest curator!

    Fecale Matter, made up of Hannah Rose and Steven Raj, is a multi-disciplinary brand created as a means to express uncensored ideas. The duo have created a whole world dedicated to the promotion of uncoventional beauty, creating products which connect fashion, music and politics. Fecale Matter featured in SHOWstudio's 'Infamy' project shot earlier in the month, and in anticipation of its launch, don't miss their daily tumblr updates this week! 


    Visit SHOWstudio to view Fecale Matter's daily artistic inspiration!

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    SHOWstudio is at Port Eliot this weekend!

    Port Eliot, Cornwall's arts and culture festival, opens today!

    SHOWstudio is there on display at the Orangery venue, where our Fashion Flora exhibition will be open to the public. All illustrations, exploring floral motifs in fashion, will be available to purchase from the SHOWstudio team! Alongside the pop-up exhibition, we will be hosting and attending events and workshops throughout Port Elliot and giving you behind-the-scenes access via our social media channels.

    Today, we will be on Instagram Stories at the Wardrobe Department stage where we will be showing you the Richard Quinn x John Lewis exclusive upholstered furniture and clothing, and later on, check out Facebook Live to get BTS access to a masterclass with fashion illustrator Jenifer Corker.

    On Saturday, Zandra Rhodes' designs will be brought to life in the Zandra Land festival tent, which we'll be broadcasting live on Facebook, plus, Gill Button is hosting an illustration workshop live on SHOWstudio's Instagram stories.

    On Sunday be sure to tune into Instagram where SHOWstudio will be filming Stephen Jones' fashion show in collaboration with Giles Deacon, along with a discussion of his new autobiography, Souvenirs, with Susannah Frankel. Finally, Fiona Gourlay will host our third fashion illustration masterclass over on Facebook Live.

    Make sure to follow SHOWstudio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated with our adventures at Port Elliot!

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    North: Fashioning Identity at Somerset House

    North: Fashioning Identity, originally shown at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool in Spring 2017, is migrating to Somerset House in London.

    Motivated by questioning existing depictions of the North of England in fashion imagery, SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard and Manchester-based academic Adam Murray unite to unpick Northern identity, the effect of geographic space on creative output and the importance of place. North explores the way that the North is depicted, constructed and celebrated, bringing together collective visions of the region, unpicking themes that appear regularly in design and media.

    The exhibition features contemporary photography, fashion, and multimedia work, sitting alongside social documentary film and photography, highlighting how the realities of life in the north of England captured in the mid-20th century continue to influence new generations of photographers, artists and designers. It will feature pieces by Alasdair McLellan, Corinne Day, Mark Leckey, Jeremy Deller, Raf Simons, Paul Smith, Virgil Abloh, Peter Saville, Stephen Jones, Gareth Pugh, Nick Knight, Glen Luchford and Jamie Hawkesworth.

    The show also features seven films by SHOWstudio using Google street view technology. We invited contributors like stylist Thom Murphy, creative consultant Gary Aspden, and fashion deisgner Christopher Shannon to discuss their Northern upbringing with Lou Stoppard in a series of exclusive interviews. Revisit the project on SHOWstudio here.

    Visit North: Fashioning Identity at Somerset House from 8 November 2017 to 4 February 2018. Tickets will be available to purchase from September 2017. Find out more here.

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