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    Haute Couture A/W 18 Panel Schedule

    During the Haute Couture A/W 18 collections, SHOWstudio will be hosting a series of live panels discussing the most anticipated couture shows of this season. 

    Mimma Viglezio and Lara Johnson-Wheeler will be joined by various industry experts, discussing the collection, the designer and a range of issues currently affecting the broader fashion industry.

    See the schedule below and tune in!


    Monday, July 2nd 11:00 BST.

    Chair: Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Fashion Editor



    Liam Hess, journalist

    Bianca Saunders, designer

    Rebecca Gonsalves, writer and editor

    Essie Buckman, designer

    Naomi Pike, editor and social media manager


    Giambattista Valli

    Tuesday, July 3rd 11:00 BST.

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Lotte Andersen, artist

    Deborah Milner, fashion designer

    Grace Woodward, fashion commentator and TV personality



    Tuesday, July 3rd 17:00 BST.

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Eden Loweth, designer and co-designer of ART SCHOOL

    Amy de la Haye, professor at London College of Fashion

    Navaz Batliwala, editorial consultant

    Mandi Lennard, fashion PR and founder of fashion consultancy Mandi's Basement

    Tayler Prince-Fraser, model 


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    A collaboration between SHOWstudio and Marks & Spencer for the A/W 18 Holiday Collection

    SHOWstudio have teamed up with Marks & Spencer for the exclusive preview of their A/W 2018 Holiday Collection. 

    Last week at M&S's PR event, SHOWstudio's fashion illustrator Fiona Gourlay was invited to customise a new season tote in her whimsical and feminine style.  The tote, with its versatile reversible design, was illustrated both inside and out and was given away to one lucky winner of the customisation challenge, using the hashtags #aw18mands and #mandsxshowstudio.    

    To launch this exciting collaboration, Fiona led an illustration and customisation workshop with British fashion’s leading journalists and influencers and created a mural inspired by the nautical colours of the collection.

    This is just another one of many successful commissions and collaborations the SHOWstudio illustration gallery has undertaken in a very busy 2018.  We are always looking for new partners to help bring the beauty of contemporary fashion illustration to the public’s attention.  Should you or your brand wish to partner with us or hear about the creative services we can provide, please feel free to contact our Gallery Manager and Artist Liaison, Bex Cassie via email

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    Menswear S/S 19 Panel Schedule

    During the London Menswear S/S 19 collections, SHOWstudio will be hosting a series of live panels debating and discussing the most anticipated menswear shows of the S/S 19 collections.

    Georgina Evans, Mimma Viglezio and Lara Johnson-Wheeler will be joined by various industry experts, touching on a range of issues currently affecting the fashion industry.

    See the schedule below and make sure not to miss our S/S 19 panels!


    Sunday, June 10th LIVE 11:00 GMT.

    Topic: Does the brand successfully marry modern creativity and commerce?

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Tayler Prince-Fraser, Model

    Jessica Bumpus, Freelance Writer and Journalist

    Joe Bobowicz, Writer

    Cora Delaney, Presenter and Writer

    Karen Binns, Editor and Publisher of WHAT Magazine


    Martine Rose

    Monday, June 11th 11:00 GMT.

    Topic: The power of Martine: Dissecting the brand's unwavering appeal

    Chair: Georgina Evans, Fashion Editor



    Liam Hess, Features Editor at Buffalo Zine

    Rob Nowill, Freelance Menswear writer, editor and brand consultant

    Finn Mactaggart, Assistant Editor at Mass Appeal

    Leanne Elliott Young, co-founder at CommuneEAST

    Barbara Grispini, D/ARK


    Craig Green - STUDENT PANEL

    Thursday, June 14th LIVE 19:45 GMT.

    Topic: Craig Green S/S 19 Menswear Panel

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Angus Li, LSE Student

    Andy Froud, Brighton Student

    Florence Lamy, CSM Student

    Randa Kherba, CSM Student


    Louis Vuitton

    Thursday, June 21st 17:00 GMT.

    Topic: Louis Vuitton S/S 19 Menswear Panel

    Chair: Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Features Editor



    Sophie Jewes, PR Director at Starworks Group

    Joshua Brinksman, Menswear Buyer at MATCHESFASHION.COM

    Mandi Lennard, Fashion PR and founder of Mandi’s Basement

    Charlotte Roberts, Stylist and Consultant


    Maison Margiela

    Friday, June 22nd 17:00 GMT.

    Topic: Maison Margiela S/S 19 Menswear Panel

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Todd Lynn, Fashion Designer

    Jeffrey Horsley, Exhibition Maker

    Tom Rasmussen, Writer

    Shonagh Marshall, Curator


    Dior Homme

    Saturday, June 23rd 17:00 GMT.

    Topic: Dior Homme S/S 19 Menswear Panel

    Chair: Mimma Viglezio, Editor



    Dino Bonacic, Writer and Creative Director

    Finn Mactaggart, Editor 

    Edwin Mohney Designer

    Richard Mortimer, Editor

    Nathalie Khan, Fashion Historian



    Monday, June 24th LIVE 11:00 GMT. 

    Topic: Alyx S/S 19 Menswear Panel

    Chair: Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Features Editor



    Anastasiia Fedorova, Writer and Fashion Journalist

    James Massiah, Poet

    Britt Lloyd, Photographer

    Tayler Prince-Fraser,  Model

    Special thank you to Edwin Mahoney for our S/S 19 set-design! (pictured.)





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    Nick Knight unveils new portrait of Manchester bombing survivor Bradley Hurley

    Nick Knight has repeatedly engaged with and confronted violence in his work for the last 40 years. From Skinheads, to Accessable, the 14-page feature in Dazed & Confused which celebrated the beauty and power of people with disabilities, Knight is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of his subject matter. Knight includes narratives that might otherwise be on the fringe or periphery, elegantly handling issues others would be afraid to address (for more examples see Portrait of Caitin Stickels or his series on self-defence entitled Get Back, Stay Back with Lara Stone). Knight has always expressed a hatred of violence and his photographs for the Spanish publication Big in May 1997 were so graphic that the magazine had to carry a warning label.  

    In other words, this is a leitmotif that has run through all of Knight's work, with many projects over the last 40 years engaging with this theme.

    This latest portrait of Bradley Hurley, one of the men injured in the Manchester bombing, is as raw as it is accomplished. Whereas most coverage of the bombings depicted the attack's destructive aftermath, Knight observed the consequence of such violence, positioning his subject as a living monument to strength. There is no victimization or objectification of Bradley, no glorification of the violence. It is a raw portrait of a man who has survived the domestic war on terror. The image is the first in a series Nick Knight is undertaking on Victims of Violence.

    An excerpt from Knight and Bradley's Q+A in The Metro

    Can you tell me a little about the series you plan?

    Nick Knight: Bradley’s image is the first in a large body of work I am creating about people who have experienced extreme violence. For example acid attacks, bomb blasts, or knife attacks. This is absolutely not a series about the causes of violence or the perpetrators but instead, I want to celebrate the people who have been attacked and their amazing strength and spirit to survive.

    Why Bradley?

    NK: Bradley contacted me via Instagram and when I spoke to him I was incredibly impressed and in awe of his resilience and determination to continue his life so positively despite the horrific injuries and the devastating loss he had incurred.

    What impression do you expect to make on viewers with your photo of Bradley?

    NK: I want people to see the strength to survive that is in all of us.

    What do you see in your photo of Bradley?

    NK: A brilliant and powerful symbol of the human resilience and strength.

    What will be done with these images?

    NK: I am creating sculptures as well as films and photographs to be exhibited in a gallery.


    How did this photo shoot come about?

    Bradley Hurley: I have been a huge fan of Nick’s since I discovered his work in 2009, I have studied graphic design throughout my education & have always experimented with photography and Nick’s work has always been an influence in my own work. I got in contact with Nick’s team, fully aware that it was a shot in the dark and not expecting a response. I was so excited that Nick was interested in photographing me. It is truly a dream come true. It was actually a bit of a rush to get the photos done because the photo shoot was back in September & literally only a few days before the fixations were removed and it was important for us to have the external fixation’s incorporated in the shoot! So thank you to Nick for squeezing me in during fashion week! 

    Did you have any reservations?

    BH: I literally had no idea what to expect, but everything was perfect. Nick & his team made me & my family feel so comfortable throughout the day & talked me through every step of the way.

    What do you hope it will do?

    BH: When I was doing the photoshoot, I was doing it for me. The experience & the end product. So, it’s everything I hoped & more.

    What did you make of him?

    BH: Nick, his wife & his team were all the loveliest people & they made our day so special, one of the best experiences of my life. I would like to thank Nick Knight & his team from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out, at the busiest time of his year (just after fashion week) to spend an entire day photographing me. Thank you for believing my story was one worth telling through your art.

    Did it turn out as you expected?

    BH: I really had no idea what to expect, if you’re familiar with Nick’s work, you will know there is such a wide range of different aesthetics & each photo tells a completely different story, so I knew the piece would be individual to me. The photo really embodies everything I hoped for when we started the process.

    What do you think of the image?

    BH: I explained to Nick that I hoped for a portrait of resilience & strength to remember this chapter of my life & I knew working with Nick we would achieve that & we really did. I think the first word you think of when you see the photograph is ‘Strong’.

    Are photography or the visual arts things you would like a career in?

    BH: Having two broken legs lead me to minimal mobility and for the first time in my life, art became an outlet as opposed to only an interest and made me realise how truly passionate I am about the visual arts. I created and sold a pin-badge in commemoration of my sister's life during my recovery, using the graphic design skills I had. I sold 500 pin-badges to raise money for a garden erected in my sister's memory and the experience from start to finish taught me that creating things that evoke feeling is something special that really brings people together. I had just finished my second year at Liverpool John Moores University studying Graphic Design at the time of the attack and this is definitely something I hope to pursue as a career.

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    Coming soon: our new series SHOWbiz!

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Our new series SHOWbiz is launching Friday 18 May 2018! Tune in 17:00 to watch SHOWstudio Editor Mimma Viglezio interviewing entrepreneur and CEO of Poiret, Anne Chapelle.

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    Congratulations to the wonderful women at the 2018 Veuve Cliquot Awards!

    Last night, SHOWstudio's Director Charlotte Knight and Features Editor Lara Johnson-Wheeler joined a remarkable array of women to usher in Veuve Cliquot's 2018 Business Woman Awards. 

    Celebrating a year of progess and enterprise, the awards selected a woman for the Social Purpose Award, the New Generation Award and the Business Woman of the Year Award. Held at the ballroom at Claridges, guests toasted the winners and nominees alike.

    Amanda Nevill CBE, CEO, British Film Institute (BFI) was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Social Purpose Award which honours female leaders whose organisations are championing social purpose. The winner of the Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award, Stephanie Alys, Founder and Chief Pleasure Officer of MysteryVibe, pioneers the world of sextech to the masses. 

    Ruth Chapman, Founder, MATCHESFASHION.COM and SHOWstudio panelist, was announced as the runner-up, whilst Liv Garfield, CEO, Severn Trent was announced as the winner of the 2018 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award.

    Congratulations to all involved and thanks again to Veuve Cliquot for hosting such a phenomenal celebration year after year!

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    Explore new interviews for the Hospital Rooms project!


    SHOWstudio are delighted to be continuing our collaboration and coverage of Hospital Rooms! Co-founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White, the initiative is continuing its aim of bringing art to mental health service users, unveiling its new body of work at Eileen Skellern 1, a psychiatric care unit for women aged 18-65.

    Since 2016, the Hospital Rooms project has sought to refurbish the environments used by mental health service users, with the aim to create spaces more conducive to comfort and recovery. It's first project at the Phoenix Unit at Springfield Hospital in South West London, set the tone for the artists and service users to collaborate on the pieces created for the ward, with contributions also being made by the psychiatrists, allied health professionals and public health researchers.

    Explore SHOWstudio's coverage of the ward, including longform interviews with artists including Aimee Mullins, Harold Offeh,  Nengi Omuku, Tamsin Relly and Tim A Shaw. Complimenting this series, Features Editor Lara Johnson-Wheeler interviewed Doctor Sophie Butler about her practice at the Maudsley Hospital and the effect of the work on the service users. A selection of accompanying work is also be available to view at Griffin Gallery 26 and 27 April. 

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    Thigh House

    Sarabande Foundation is working with artist Rosa Uddoh to complete the biggest 'thigh tile' house to date: an immersive installation built from casts of black and brown female and non-binary bodies, with the objective to bringing communities together.

    The concept of a Thigh House comes from the Cuban myth according to which black women were made to shape tiles on their thighs, which were then interlocked to create roofs for Spanish colonial buildings.

    Rosa Uddoh is an MA student of Fine Art at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art. She was chosen for a Sarabande scholarship by Nick Knight in 2016, after she first presented her work 'thigh house', which, at the time, was a small timber frame of a house with a few roof tiles she had cast from friends.

    A Kickstarter campaign has been set up with the objective to allow Uddoh to create a much bigger roof with tiles cast by many, brown and black women and non-binary people that come together in a harmonious community, thus creating space to celebrate bodies at the margins.

    The roof made with those tiles will become an installation to be presented at Sarabande in May.


    Pledge here


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    Gareth Pugh has teamed up with Selfridges to create a concept space in their Oxford Street flagship store. The week-long takeover - part of Selfridges’ Anatomy of Luxury programme - will run in the store’s ground floor Corner Shop from the 16-22 April and will celebrate London as a creative nexus, with Pugh taking the title of 90s techno floor filler I’m a Dreamer as a jump-off point. 

    Pugh’s residency will feature a large-scale mega-mix of twenty plus fashion films created and directed by our very own Nick Knight and the brilliant Ruth Hogben, and a retrospective look into the designer’s archive. Pugh is collaborating with SHOWstudio to stage creative ‘interventions’ (one each day) in the Corner Shop’s vast Oxford Street window. The confirmed line up so far includes designers Edwin Mohney, Richard Malone, Bianca Saunders, Sinead O'Dwyer and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, each of whom will be staging a live installation over the course of the week, platforming their work and the issues they care about. 

    SHOWstudio kicks off their collaboration with Pugh with Edwin Mohney's window display on Monday 16 April 16:00 BST. Follow our Facebook Lives with Features Editor Lara Johnson-Wheeler to gain better insight into the space and Mohney's process! 

    Plus! Thursday 19 April, SHOWstudio's Fashion Illustration Gallery is taking over the Selfridges Window, with illustrators Beth Fraser, Fiona Gourlay, Stephen Doherty and Jenifer Corker all interpreting looks from designer Sinead O'Dwyer. Our Fashion Editor Georgina Evans will be on hand, interviewing each artist with our Facebook Lives!  

    The designer’s residency will culminate on Saturday 21 April with an exhilarating ‘behind the curtain’ installation, with the space transformed into a full-scale recreation of a backstage set up at one of Gareth Pugh’s shows. 

    Created in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, plus legendary nail artist Marian Newman and CND Nails, friends and customers will be offered total makeovers, inspired by the designer’s full throttle aesthetic. Sink The Pink superstars and Veuve Clicquot will also be on hand. ‘I want it to be an all-out celebration of the creative spirit of London... London as a place where anything can happen.’ says Pugh.  

    16-22 April Selfridges Corner Shop on G 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB

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    Nick Knight welcomes Mimma Viglezio as Editor of SHOWstudio!

    I am extremely excited and proud to welcome Mimma Viglezio as Editor of SHOWstudio. As regular viewers will know, Mimma is already an important part of SHOWstudio with her in depth and well informed collections reviews, Head to Head. Mimma can also be seen both chairing and as a guest on many of the SHOWstudio collections panels and has gathered a huge fanbase with her intelligent and perceptive questioning as well as her incredible business knowledge which comes from her time at PPR (now Kering) and Louis Vuitton.

    We are looking forward enormously to having her involvement and insight in all the parts of SHOWstudio from the commerce to the gallery, our upcoming Fashion Film Awards and of course future panels. Mimma, fantastic to have you on board.


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    A/W 18 Menswear Round-Up Panels

    Our A/W 18 menswear round-up panels will be taking place on 13 and 15 February 2018. The discussions will take place in our special setup live from SHOWstudio. The round-up panels will cover the main shows from London and Milan. Chaired by Dal Chodha, the panelists will include a variety of industry experts touching on a range of topics and issues. 

    Stay tuned for more details! While you wait revisit the A/W 18 offering by heading to our  'Collections'  page for catwalk imagery, behind-the-scenes, show reports, live discussions and exclusive illustrations. 

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    Robson Stannard is illustrating New York Womenswear A/W 18

    SHOWstudio is thrilled to introduce Robson Stannard as our New York Womenswear A/W 18 illustrator!

    Stannard's work explores the human form through a playful, illustrative palette. Working primarily on portraiture, his images are created using paint and pencil.

    His first illustration was for the highly anticipated Raf Simons A/W 18 show. Follow our tumblr to keep up with more of his illustrations. 

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    Tumblr Take-over: CIFF x Stavros Karelis

    SHOWstudio are delighted to be covering CIFF, supporting Stavros Karelis and MACHINE-A in Copenhagen! 

    Some of the SHOWstudio team including Director Charlotte Knight, Fashion Editor Georgina Evans, Head of Fashion Film Raquel Couceiro, Creative Content Commissioner Calum Knight, Gallery Manager Bex Cassie, Features Editor Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Head of PR and Artist Liason Emily Knight, fashion illustrator Fiona Gourlay and Photographic Assistants Rob Rusling and Britt Lloyd are currently attending the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Over the next week, the team will be posting exclusive BTS images of their time in Copenhagen. 

    This coverage will feature alongside clips of booths from the likes of ALYX, 1Granary|VOID, i-D, MM6MaxLamb's "DIY CHAIR" with characterisation c/o Virgil Abloh, curated by Sami Janjer and many more! 

    Head to the SHOWstudio Tumblr 1-7 February for more CIFF coverage.


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    SHOWStudio is happy to introduce the lovely Jelly Ma as our Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 illustrator! 

    Ma combines elements of Chinese myths and legends with her drawing techniques to create magnificent and mysterious figures.  

    Her first illustration for Schiaparelli's show has just been uploaded! Keep a look out on our tumblr to see more of her detailed work. 

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    SHOWstudio will be holding two exclusive live panels during the Milan Menswear A/W 18 collections discussing much anticipated shows, Marni and Prada A/W 18! 

    Dino Bonacic will be chairing the panels for the Milan shows but stay tuned to see Finn Mactaggart and Stavros Karelis chairing future panels this season. Bonacic will be joined by a range of industry experts to discuss issues related to the fashion industry. 

    Check out our schedule below and be sure not to miss out on these panels! 


    Saturday 13 January LIVE 17:00 GMT. 

    Topic: How do menswear catwalk shoes transform onto the shop floor?

    Chair: Dino Bonacic, Fashion and Editorial Assistant. 


    - Harry Fisher, Buyer

    - Trino Verkade, Creative Consultant 

    - Per Götesson, Fashion Designer 



    Monday 15 January LIVE 11:00 GMT. 

    Topic: Where is the line between inspiration and uncredited copying?

    Chair: Dino Bonacic, Fashion and Editorial Assistant. 


    - Liam Hess, Actor 

    - Tom Rasmussen, Writer

    - Mimma Viglezio, Creative Consultant 

    - Charlotte Roberts, Stylist

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