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    Our eleventh Design Download is now available!

    Simone Rocha's skirt pattern for S/S 14 is now available to download as a Christmas gift!

    For our eleventh Design Download, SHOWstudio teams with Simone Rocha, winner of the British Womenswear Designer award at the 2016 British Fashion Awards. The Irish-born, London-based designer has donated the pattern to a three-bite, pearl embellished skirt from her S/S 14 collection. The piece encapsulates her signature twisted take on femininity. Download the pattern and enter our competition.

    Once you've constructed your take on the skirt, simply submit images of your creation to SHOWstudio via Twitter (@SHOWstudio #DesignDownload) and/or email ( for the chance to see your work displayed online in our submissions gallery. Nick Knight and Rocha will review the entries and select their favourite. The winner will be awarded a print of a specially-commissioned illustration by one of our most celebrated contributing artists, British illustrator Fiona Gourlay. The work will feature the skirt as it was originally styled in Rocha’s S/S 14 show. 

    The competition will close on 1 March 2017. Get sewing and keep us updated on your progress! #DesignDownload

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    Watch Nick Knight's 2016 fashion film for Tom Ford's Black Orchid fragrance now!

    Nick Knight's 2016 fashion film for for Tom Ford’s iconic Black Orchid fragrance sees model of the moment Mica Arganaraz enveloped in a billowing burst of smoke.

    Featuring styling by Carine Roitfeld and hair by Sam McKnight, the film explores the dark sensuality inherent in the scent. Thanks to Trey Laird of Laird + Partners for production, Director of Photography Benoit Delhomme and Loic Maes for post-production work!

    Watch the film now!

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    Watch the new series of films in #UNMUTED!

    Amid the socio-political turmoil of 2016, #UNMUTED's four films aim to promote community and equality. Featuring Ebonee Davis, Iskra Lawrence, Leopoldine Huyghues DespointesJillian Mercado and Sandflower, the films see each individual in unspoken conversations with New Yorkers on the subway. 

    Alexandra Gavillet talked about the motivation behind the arresting #UNMUTED fashion films, in the latest interview with SHOWstudio Editorial Assistant Lara Johnson-Wheeler

    'New Yorker's emotions were at an all time high that week, so bringing these strong subjects onto the subway and voicing their vulnerabilities that others can relate to, was needed,' said Gavrillet. 

    The series is shot by Wendy Bowman and produced by Natasha Garoosi.

    Head over to the project to watch all the films and the interview on SHOWstudio now!

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    Watch Conversation 669 by Lyndsay Martin now

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    SHOWstudio is a committed supporter of fashion film and aspiring creatives. To show this support, Nick Knight asks filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio - a selection of submissions that Knight finds impressive or inspiring feature on SHOWstudio.

    Lyndsay Martin's work is the most recent to feature on SHOWstudio. The London-based artist's film, entitled Conversation 669, features textured clips of natural and man-made materials. In an exploration of the tactility and sensory nature of memories, the film employs a split screen to highlight the duality between reality and remembering and is set to a soundtrack by band Red Kite.

    Watch the film now! 

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    New Design Download Launching on Christmas Day!

    Our eleventh Design Download is launching 25 December 2016! As a Christmas gift to you, our SHOWstudio audience, we are offering the pattern for a garment from one of London's most celebrated designers to download and make.

    Launched in 2002, SHOWstudio's Design Download initiative has a simple and direct aim: to help demystify the fashion process by offering prestigious designer garment patterns for download via the Internet. Past contributors to the series include John Galliano, Junya Watanabe, J.W. Anderson, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen

    Keep an eye out for the skirt pattern launching on Christmas Day! Can you guess the designer? 

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    New Fashion Film Submission by GVN908

    As part of SHOWstudio's commitment to championing fashion film, Nick Knight invites aspiring filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio. A selection of submissions that inspired or impressed him feature in our Fashion Film Submissions page.

    The latest edition is a film entitled Gravity by GVN908. GVN908 is a semi-anonymous entity and their work explores rooms where the visceral body is merging with the avatar. It combines blurry VCR filming with graphic illustrations, overlayed with music by WWWINGS and ENDGAME. 

    Watch the film and revisit our previous submissions and send your work to to be considered for inclusion! 



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    New interview with HARD EARS' founder photographer Ronan Mckenzie

    Launching today, 7 December 2016, HARD EARS is photographer Ronan Mckenzie’s debut publication.

    HARD EARS' first issue is a collection of text and imagery inspired by an appreciation of the notion of old.

    In this project, Mckenzie discusses the magazine's inspirations and manifesto alongside two accompanying fashion films, Penny Up and A Practice In The MorningPenny Up, by filmmaker Cieron Magat explores the traditional game of pitching pennies, whilst A Practice In The Morning, by Mckenzie, captures 5 dancers during practise. 

    HARD EARS' Issue 1 is available to buy from our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A store alongside the Marieyat clothing that can be seen in A Practice In The Morning. 

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    New! Nick Knight's fashion films for the 2016 British Fashion Awards

    For the 2016 British Fashion Awards, Nick Knight created two fashion films, Up and 90210. Both films aim to reflect the clothes and people in fashion that are exciting, but often get overlooked. Knight put great focus on his casting, finding girls through both agencies and Instagram, eschewing the often commonplace lack of diversity and representation within the industry.

    'I think you convince people by showing them there is a better way, so by showing the beauty and strength of these women of colour, it's the best way to convince people that it should be an ethnically diverse fashion world.' - Nick Knight

    Styled by Charlotte Stockdale, Phoebe Arnold and Clemence Lobert, both films showcase a range of contemporary designers including Nasir MazharHood By AirGivenchy and Molly Goddard. Both films feature soundtracks by Travis Scott

    Watch Up and 90210 on SHOWstudio! 

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    Tumblr take-over! Gain insight into Nick Knight's first solo exhibition 'Nick Knight: Image'

    For the 1 to 7 December, the SHOWstudio team will take over the Tumblr page in a curation celebrating the recent opening of Nick Knight: Image, Knight's first solo exhibition at the Daelim Museum in South Korea.

    The Nick Knight: Image Tumblr take-over looks at seven different sections of the exhibition over the seven days, starting with Knight's earliest project Skinheads. This take-over aims to provide insight into the context, circumstance, cultural references and printing techniques that are involved behind Knight’s pioneering work and will feature quotes and analysis from Knight himself alongside friends, subjects and collaborators such as Stephen Jones, Carrie Scott, Lou Stoppard and Judy Blame

    Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr today to view the first posts and revisit past take-overs by Sam McKnightAlexander FurySimon FoxtonLiberty Ross and many others.


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    See our latest Fashion Film Submission by Regina Sepp

    The latest of our Fashion Film Submission's, I Don't Need It by Regina Sepp has launched on SHOWstudio!

    The film portrays personal empowerment with a story told by Marne van Opstal from the Dance Theatre of The Netherlands. Music by Dutch electronic duo Weval.

    SHOWstudio is a committed supporter of fashion film and aspiring creatives. To show this support, Nick Knight asks filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio - a selection of submissions that Knight finds impressive or inspiring feature on SHOWstudio.

    Revisit our previous submissions and send your work to to be considered for inclusion! 

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    'Love, Money, God' interview with the late Susan Train

    The final instalment of Love, Money, God is launching today, in memory of the late Susan Train who died in Paris last week.

    The series sees journalist Sofia Tchkonia interviewing influential figures of the twentieth and twenty-first century fashion and culture, a source for an ongoing research for her 'Icons and Muses' project. As an exclusive for SHOWstudio, Tchkonia allowed our team to edit the uncut footage and release it on our site. 

    In the final interview, the journalist asks Vogue's Paris Bureau Chief, the late Susan Train, about her relationships, religion and business. In this intimate discussion, Train looks back at her life and career, reminiscing about her journey to fashion and time at Vogue

    Head over to the project to watch the interview, and revisit the previous instalments with Michele LamyBetty Catroux or Jean-Paul Goude.  



    susan train 

    In memory of the late Susan Train who died in Paris last week

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    It's SHOWstudio's 16th birthday!

    Happy Birthday SHOWstudio! Established in November 2000, SHOWstudio’s innovative and ground-breaking projects have defined the manner in which fashion is presented via the Internet. 

    From our first fashion film Diamond Blues, featuring Kate Moss, SHOWstudio has developed from solely making and promoting fashion film, to working with the latest technologies and allowing an international audience instant and unparalleled access to the previously closed world of high fashion. 

    SHOWstudio collaborates with some of the most influential and acclaimed figures of contemporary fashion, including John Galliano, Naomi Campbell, Rick Owens, Comme des Garçons and Alexander McQueen

    Take a look back at some of our favourite projects; Pin-ups featuring Victoria's secret models, #StyleShootDraw our first Facebook live broadcast, and our rolling Subjective interview series featuring Erin O'Connor, Winnie Harlow, Karen Elson and more.

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    Fashion Says NO to Violence Against Women
    Frances Corner Talks #Orangelabelproject

    Today is an important day. We are saying No to Violence against Women and marking the 20th anniversary of this vital work led by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund). London College of Fashion, UAL along with SHOWstudio, is proud to be using the Orange Label Project to raise awareness of this issue and we are asking the fashion industry to get behind it.

    Fashion Says NO to Violence against Women has called on fashion students from across the world and across all disciplines to produce a piece of work using the colour orange. Today we intend to flood our digital realities with #orangetheworld and #Orangelabelproject. Please join us!

    I want our industry to stop today and think about how we portray women. In our advertising, our fashion narratives, our designs and our strategies - and then we can make a powerful difference. One in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives. That’s a staggering number. How often does the fashion industry question its use of the female image - women as victims, hypersexualised or two-dimensional?

    As an industry we have a responsibility to educate a generation of strategists, designers, image-makers, and marketers and make explicit that this stereotyping isn’t acceptable. Trailblazers like All Walks Beyond the Catwalk who stand for diversity in front of and behind the lens are significant in our collective bid to see an end to this outdated and inappropriate normalising of the female image.

    We know that raising awareness makes a difference. Some of the projects that the UN Trust Fund has been involved in are proof of this. UN Trust Fund has worked with Uganda-based organisation Raising Voices on a programme of community activities to challenge power imbalances between men and women. An independent evaluation by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that in communities where the programme was implemented, 76 per cent of women and men believed that physical violence against a partner was not acceptable; the corresponding figure in the control communities was 26 per cent. 

    When I first met Aldijana Sisic, Chief of the UNTF, at the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Awards last June, we talked about how London College of Fashion, UAL could support this ongoing campaign using aspects of creativity, identity and fashion. And at LCF we are working with the UN on multiple fronts, helping them to promote wellbeing, equality and safety globally. From innovative responses to the needs of women and children in the Za’atari refugee camp, to building social responsibility and sustainability into our teaching, learning and research. We stand beside the UN and their mission. It’s synonymous with our own, what we call our Better Lives agenda.

    The first part of the Orange Label project has seen students creating work using the colour orange. This wasn’t only for fashion designers, but also stylists, journalists, film-makers, illustrators and make-up artists. And it wasn’t just for our students either; as chair of the International Foundation for Fashion and Technology Institutes, I was able to spread the word to its 54 members and make this a truly global project. 

    We were delighted to have had over 150 entries and many were group collaborations, some as large as 28, coming from all fashion's disciplines and from students at different levels of study. We had entries from across the globe- from Nigeria, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, UK and USA.

    What impressed me the most about the student competition was the positivity of the entries. The idea was to celebrate 20 years of the UN Trust Fund, so it wasn’t designed to highlight individual stories, or use shock tactics. The students took an ideal and made it come alive, they illustrated a world of equality where their subjects were truly empowered. We heard about their inspirations, their own stories and about how they wanted their work to influence the industry in a positive way. 

    This is the ethos that we work towards and demonstrates how London College of Fashion, UAL is shaping lives.

    Activism is about changing the world, but it is about collective action; a social movement and a coming together of likeminded individuals. 

    There has never been a time when social movement is needed more than right now. What’s more social than social media? Seeing orange when we check our platforms today will mean people are coming together to think about, and speak out about, violence towards women and girls. Please show your support by uploading an image featuring the colour orange and using #orangetheworld and #Orangelabelproject. 

    If one other person sees your image and finds out more about the project, or if you trigger someone’s thought process, it will contribute to a collective awareness of this problem, a care to avoid stereotypes and a concern for the people around us.

    It shows, overwhelmingly, what we can do if we stand together. 


    Professor Frances Corner OBE

    Head of London College of Fashion, Pro-Vice Chancellor University of the Arts London

    #Orangelabelproject  #Orangetheworld  #UNTF #16days

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    20% off SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A on Black Friday

    Take advantage of Black Friday, the ulitmate online shopping event, and head to the SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A shop! 

    Apply the promo code: BLKFRI20OFF at the checkout to get 20% off selected Black Friday sale items for menswear and womenswear. Get your hands on pieces from Faustine SteinmetzMarta JakubowskiCaitlin Price and Hyein Seo

    Start your holiday shopping now! The discount will be available from Friday 25 to Sunday 27. 

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    New 'North' interview with Christopher Shannon

    Inspired by the stereotypical imagery of the North of England in fashion, and the impact that our environment and places of origin have on one's identity and creative output, North aims to gain insight from individuals from the fashion industry through a series of interviews.

    The latest instalment features Christopher Shannon, Central Saint Martins graduate and Liverpool native. Shannon speaks about how his hometown has played a part in each of his collections and his love hate relationship with the North.

    Watch the interview and be sure to explore the rest of our North Project featuring essays by Gareth Pugh and Adrian Green, as well as an interview with Claire Barrow

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    Read the latest 'Hospital Rooms' interview with artist Steve Macleod!

    In the latest instalment in our Hospital Rooms project, artist Steve Macleod discusses his role in the refurbishment of the reception and main communal areas of The Phoenix Unit, Springfield University Hospital. Hospital Rooms is a registered charity, founded in 2016 by curator Niamh White and artist Tim A Shaw with the intention of promoting the improved wellbeing of mental health service users. 

    Support for those with mental health issues is something that all of us at SHOWstudio care about deeply, so we are proud to support the work of Hospital Rooms. 

    Read the full interview with SHOWstudio Editorial Assistant Lara Johnson-Wheeler and explore the rest of the Hospital Rooms project, featuring work from artist Aimee Parrott, landscape architect Joh Bates and photographer and SHOWstudio Director Nick Knight

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