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New Project Launched!

Fêted for his commitment to creating provocative spectacles over mundane, workaday clothes, controversial young designer Gareth Pugh will be using the SHOWstudio live platform to stage a series of performances to mark Couture Week, the first week of July 2006. Each representing his attitude towards the different aspects of his whirlwind fashion career thus far, the afternoon broadcasts will focus on themes of boredom and repetition, artifice and multiple personae, high-octane glamour and the falsity of easily-won acclaim. Of course, no Gareth Pugh project would be complete without the attendant party, which he will be throwing to open the series.

Gareth will also be providing unprecedented access to the ‘world of Gareth’ in the run up to the live events. An ongoing image diary kept over June and captured via his trademark Polaroids, will detail the month in process and a documentary film shot by Gareth during a trip home to his native Sunderland will provide a unique portrait of the designer’s background and image world. As the final performances will be running in parallel with Couture, Gareth has agreed to open up his own construction process to scrutiny, whereby he will be the next contributor to our prestigious Design_Download series, offering up a pattern for viewers to make up, style and photograph.