by Roddy Lumsden .


I've been on the set for a couple of hours now, watching as things are being prepared. I'm not sure how many poems I'm going to produce, but I want to create a variety of pieces, some unusual, others more conventional. Since flowers are central to the shoot, I've brought some books with me which contain information on the lore and language of flowers. I want to start by creating a sing-song list poem which incorporates plant names and their derivations, plant lore and uses, mixed in with more abstract phrases which occur to me as I make my notes. I'm taking care not to make it too 'flowery'.

The 'timeslice' set-up of 36 cameras brings to mind the possibility of a visual poem with thirty six lines in a wheel, with a slightly shifting narrative which might mirror the photographic process. I'm also working on an idea for an 'anaphoric' piece - using a repeated construct - about how and where flowers grow. Another idea at the moment is to try something in Scots - I've been translating French poems into Scots recently, so my poetic brain, such as it is, is still thinking in Scots, and it might work well as Scots is a tougher, more consonantal language which has less of a tendency to sound over-flowery.