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New fashion film launched

London's seasonably inclement weather today makes now the perfect moment to launch this enigmatically untitled short, created by fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben in collaboration with stylist Francesca Burns to showcase Autumn/Winter's most luxurious and tactile examples of the furrier's art. Created exclusively for and to feature as part of SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution, this film is a pulsing study of abstracted texture and dark, saturated colour - the use of fur, indeed, is almost incidental, although its considered choice is an arresting, intriguing and exciting aesthetic decision.


  1. leonor
    11:50 27 Nov 2009
    amazing fashion!!!! love it!!! whos the model?
  2. alex.fury
    19:02 27 Nov 2009
    The model is Tali Lenox (daughter of Annie!) - surely an equally illustrious career belies her!
  3. GalileosUniverse
    14:11 28 Nov 2009
    No doubt a beautifully orchestrated fusion of images,you can almost feel the texture! Somehow the mix of edgy and a hint of romantic, as well as the different hair styling seems to slightly split the impression in two at intervals, but this is just one perception among many. All in all it has that element of being intriguingly engaging, fantastic colours! ....