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New A/W 2010 fashion film launched

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Life is a cabaret - at least, it is when it's dressed by Gareth Pugh]. Known for his deliciously dark and slightly gothic take on contemporary fashion, Pugh is frankly the last name you'd associate with a piece titled Joie De Vivre. But in Ruth Hogben's latest addition to our A/W 2010 fashion film editorial, Pugh's collection is less the focus and more the sole obsession of a piece vibrating with the vivacious movement and infectious energy of a Weimar Berlin cabaret act. Brazillian supermodel Raquel Zimmermann is primped, plucked, panstick-ed and preened into a louche symbol of Art Deco decadence, directed by Hogben, styled by Katie Shillingford and dressed in a selection of Mr Pugh's finest wares. All right Mr. De Mille, she's ready for her close-up!


  1. saint
    15:38 23 Jul 2010
    With Joie de Vivre fashion film finally comes of age!
    Well done Ruth Hogben.
  2. AndrewSmith
    15:52 23 Jul 2010
    This is amazing. It has to be a defining moment of fashion film thus far!
  3. leonor
    17:01 23 Jul 2010
  4. kermitkrab
    17:18 23 Jul 2010
    what a way to end a week !
  5. hudson
    17:54 23 Jul 2010
    So THAT'S what happened to Baby Jane, then
  6. canne
    19:50 23 Jul 2010
    Fantastic! I hope this gets loaded on your youtube channel soon. Who does the choreography? Raquel? the director, Ruth Hogben? someone else? a collaboration?
  7. sally.northmore
    20:34 23 Jul 2010
    So fantastic!
  8. WhoKnows
    22:47 23 Jul 2010
    i love this film the editing is fantastic! ruth and Gareth are the best team i love the constant use of black! congratulations on creating this master piece of pioneering fashion film!
  9. Fredirrico
    22:59 23 Jul 2010
    Unbelviabley beautiful. Are they going to sell this in the shop because i would defently pay for this !
  10. hesse
    06:15 24 Jul 2010
    love is strong.
  11. evelina
    09:58 24 Jul 2010
    amazing! i really love this film, especially the sequence 0:32-0:36 - priceless. it is great to see this kind of high-quality very creative work. thanks for sharing!!! :)
  12. vandelay
    10:02 24 Jul 2010
    KICK ASS!!
  13. pearly
    11:55 24 Jul 2010
    stunning, just stunning
  14. harley
    23:04 25 Jul 2010
    and Raquel moves like she is possessed!
    I really recommend you listen on headphones for maximum impact.
  15. 1cal1
    00:30 26 Jul 2010
    Is this a great fashion film?
    If you went through this film and took still pictures they would be great fashion pictures, so this must be a great fashion film as it is a series of great fashion images that move to a great track.
  16. HowardFischer
    11:04 26 Jul 2010
    Wow Ruth, a tremendous film - pushing fashion film further and further. Nice to see this genre growing and pushing boundaries. Keep up the good work.