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92 minutes until live transmission!!

A cast of thousands (check the credits!) is assembling at a West London sound stage, readying themselves for the challenge of a lifetime. WE NEED YOUR HELP with the first scene's task. At c12:45 hrs the live stream will transmit a selection of telephone numbers. WE NEED YOU TO CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY to help light up the screens of 50 mobile phones!!!

You think that's surreal? Wait to see what else the script has in store...


  1. JereV
    11:14 15 Jul 2007
    It's almost the recreation time. Good luck and even better skills...
  2. PennyMartin
    11:36 15 Jul 2007
    Thanks JereV!! If you take my advice, you'll take particular interest in Act I, Scene 3 and Act IV, Scene 6 as my insider's insider tells me your treatments may have had an influence!
  3. xposeur
    11:41 15 Jul 2007
    nyc cocktail hour - let's go
  4. JereV
    12:00 15 Jul 2007
    Oh, thanks to you Penny. I'll be around, and keep an eye on especially on those two.