by Nick Knight .

A word to our fans...

Dear Little Monsters,

We will be releasing one last film on SHOWstudio from the Monster Ball tour, which will be announced soon.

For the other songs what we created are often just loops of film that are repeated for the chorus or verse and therefore sadly are not complete films.

The animated GIFs on the SHOWstudio Tumblr are a way of getting you something to remember from those songs and something to keep from the fantastic Monster Ball.

I wish I could help more.

Kindest regards,

Nick Knight


  1. E
    22:06 16 Nov 2011
    Please release all the loops in one only video!!! It will be amazing!!!
  2. AdamFearon
    22:32 16 Nov 2011
    Dear Nick, I know this may sounded remarkly rude.. but please could you release the just dance and the raven forest ? i know they are loops but ive waited 3 years to see that backdrop. The colours and creativeness are just too important to me not to see. I know by this point your probally already uploading the videos, but Nick im begging please can you upload the loops.. even if it just dance and the raven.. there so hard to recreate and i havent got the time to do it.. over the last couple of years i have progressed my skills further since you came onto the gaga scene. Please continue to inspire little monsters to find there creative freedom.. release more including just dance and the raven forest..

    Kind Regards your fan, Adam Fearon 17
  3. Cam
    22:49 16 Nov 2011
    Honestly, these films are so beautiful, so artistic, you're a genius, I must say. There aren't many people like you with such a creative gift. I know you may not understand it but these films are just simply incredible and being a fan. this is the ultimate thing to posses, because the visuals and imagery are just breathe taking, and you may not be in control of what is released or not, but I have to tell you on behalf on everyone, anything we can get from you guys (even if it's small loops or whatever) is just so exciting to have and we would all be absolutely if you could share with us all of these amazing creations. I respect you're work so much and what you have already given us has left me awake many nights watching them over and over again. Thank you so much SHOWstudio.
  4. AdamFearon
    23:17 16 Nov 2011
    Nick, could you please release this one.. i am begging :) This And Just Dance
    thankyou :)

  5. 03:10 5 Dec 2011
    Nick Knight Please, oh Please would you release the backdrop for money honey? I have been waiting for TWO YEARS for it, when do you think you would release them?!

  6. 04:37 7 Jan 2012
    Big please, release everything you have from lady gaga, like the puke film 3.0
    money honey backdrop
    just dance backdrop
    alejandro backdrop
    tattoo film
    if possible the mannifesto of little monsters with the audio from the monsterball (that instrument on the back)

  7. 19:05 16 Jan 2012
    Please, Nick, release The Fame Backdrop from the first version of The Monster Ball Tour as the final film!!
    It's your best creation of The Monster Ball Project!!!! And Lady Gaga's so gorgeous as a "kitty cat" in this film!!
    Think about it...
  8. Roman Sukdolák
    11:11 9 Sep 2012
    Please, I must see "Gaga eating heart" all version!! Please