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Aimee Mullin's Fashion Fetish film live now!

This week's Fashion Fetish film comes from model, actress, athlete, - and one of People magazine's fifty most beautiful people in the world - Aimee Mullins. Chrysalis stars Marti Domination, who spent ten years as a dancer in the New York Jackie 60 fetish troupe The House of Domination partaking in their weekly themed events including Atomage, Sweet Gwendolyn, Satan in High Heels and Psychopathia Sexualis. Mullins work draws on the actions and activities of this erotic group, focusing especially on their yearly Shoe Ball - the event that saw Domination purchase her first pair of fetish boots. In Mullin's words, 'At the moment of fetish perfection, when the 'ball goes into the hole,' the fetishy mind lights up like a candelabra. The scenario fixated on, no matter how strange it seems to others, completely satisfies this scathingly personal audience….of one.' Indulge yourself now.