by Lou Stoppard .

Alain de Botton's launching a new kind of porn

Let's talk about sex. It seems everyone is. From today's brand (spanking) new LiveStudio featuring latex-lovely Atsuko Kudo, to the mania, moralising and mummy-porn boom surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, erotica seems to be having a moment.

Our Selling Sex and Fashion Fetish initiatives are all about looking at sex, sexuality and gender in new, all-accepting ways, so we couldn't be more thrilled with the news that philosopher - and founder of The School of Life, an 'apothecary of ideas' which targets big questions for everyday living - Alain de Botton is set to upturn existing approaches to porn. He's posing the question, ‘If we have reached porn saturation point, and porn is everywhere, what next for porn? Just what could the new pornography be?’ What indeed Alain, what indeed?

SHOWstudio's already presented some answers - from Ruth Hogben's depicting of Karlie Kloss serving as her own sexual fantasy with no need for a partner, to Marie Schuller's celebration of those who are usually neglected in sexual imagery in her Visiting Hour.

Not content with putting the porn debate to bed (pardon the pun), de Botton and his School of Life team are looking to create a gathering of leaders in porn and the arts to tackle the issue. He'll be announcing a new website under the name Better Porn in due course, which will show visual examples of his new approach. I'm sure the talented troupe behind Selling Sex and Fashion Fetish will happily volunteer to help!

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