by Andrew Gow .

b Store Press Day

Hartmann Nordenholz
Jewellery by Natalie Brill
Natalie Brill
Carola Euler
Bernhard Willhem exclusively at b Store

b Store should be commended for the risks it takes. Most shops wouldn’t invest in new designers whose reputations barely outlive their final year collections. At their press day for A/W, I spotted Mandi Lennard, the PR with an acrylic-taloned finger so firmly on the pulse, it’s close to gouging the vein. ‘Look at this top from Carola Euler and tell me how you could you ever live without it?’ Being at a press day like b Store's these kind of questions do tend to pop up. You soon leave, compelled to change your whole wardrobe to accommodate all the new proportions, volumes and irreverent prints that you've just seen. Maybe one of the appealing things about new London fashion right now is that it manages to bring humour as well as sexiness into the same package. Po-faced narcissism just doesn’t seem to cut it round this neck of the woods these days.

What also jumped out is how much new designers are establishing the back as the new locus for embellishment. There must be something liberating about feeling all those pleats and tucks shimmying away behind you. This pink top from Hartmann Nordenholz is shown from the reverse with gorgeous spiralled braids above the shoulder blades. And isn’t this rubber veil from Natalie Brill's new menswear line just the limit? Also worth special mention are these funky booties with dinosaurs and rave faces, produced exclusively by the b Store factory for Bernhard Willhelm. b Store have been the exclusive London stockist for Willhelm since the store opened six years ago. And did you know that they also produce Peter Jensen's footwear too?

It'll all be at the store this Autumn...