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Bart Hess and Ruth Hogben to shoot a punk film live on SHOWstudio

Designer Bart Hess and film maker Ruth Hogben join forces this summer for SHOWstudio's latest live stream. On Tuesday 20 August and Wednesday 21 August, the pair can be seen creating their contribution to our Punk film season live on The series has required various creatives to embrace the spirit of DIY in punk and create a garment to feature in a one minute fashion film.

Inspired by punk's association with metal adornments, Hess will be building his garment entirely from studs, pins and chains. Hess is known for creating experimental fabrics that can drastically alter the body when used sartorially, and now he has developed a method of intuitively manipulating the shape and movement of his studs with magnets to create a wearable object. Hogben will capture both the making process and the final garment in a film that embraces punks' prerogative to provoke in a contemporary setting. The final film will be posted on SHOWstudio in the coming weeks and a magnetised accessory by Bart Hess will be available from SHOWstudio Shop.

Tune in to SHOWstudio from 11:00 BST on Tuesday 20 August and Wednesday 21 August to see this dynamic pair in action.


  1. christian
    20:00 14 Aug 2013
    i really can't wait.
    I love both of these artists.
    What a brilliant pairing.
    Thank you SHOWstudio!!!
  2. Kolten Canfield
    19:59 18 Aug 2013
    so good, i think Ruth is such a major talent.
    this will be good!