by Dan Challis .

Bart Hess LiveStudio... coming soon!

A few weeks ago artist and designer Bart Hess came into the Shop to discuss a future project with Nick and the team. The project is certainly progressing, nothing can be revealed yet apart from that it will also involve filmaker Ruth Hogben, but definitely keep your eyes glued to the site for updates on Hess’ next sensational SHOWstudio LiveStudio.

Hess’ oeuvre to date is an impressive collection of beautifully constructed films and photographs that through unconventional material explorations (he has used everything from latex to shaving foam) he decontextualizes the human form within the frame. Whether it’s his continued work with Nick, or collaborating with Lady Gaga and Iris van Herpen, the work he produces is always exceptional.

Recognition is finding him too, Hess’ film Mutants features in the Hugo Boss RED NEVER FOL2OWS '20 Years of' exhibition at The Saatchi Galley minutes from our space at 19 Motcomb Street. In addition to this Hess was recently featured on Dazed Digital, they include much of the work he has created with SHOWstudio - including Gaga’s Born This Way cover.

Hess’ current standing as one of the industry’s brightest rising stars is ever increasing and we are proud to continue to be involved in the realisation of his vision.  Bart Hess LiveStudio... coming soon.


  1. CarrieScott
    18:06 5 Aug 2013
    So excited to see what Bart comes up with! He's a visionary through and through.
  2. funeral
    18:14 5 Aug 2013
    I am so excited to see this happening on SHOWstudio.
    Hess' ability to deconstruct the human form with such varied materials on a practical level will be fascinating to watch.
    It will be fascinating to see how (and if) spontaneity plays a part in his work.
    When can we expect to hear when this will take place?
  3. Nick Knight
    23:11 5 Aug 2013
    Bart created the 'goo' for the Gaga shoot I did for the Born This Way .
    It was one of the most incredible substances I have worked with , half fabric , half painting.
    Really inspiring gentleman to work with!
  4. MarieSchuller
    12:23 6 Aug 2013
    I love that Bart Hess has taken to fashion film, his work is fantastic! Excited to see what he comes up with!
  5. DanChallis
    12:31 6 Aug 2013
    Can't wait to see how Hess and Hogben approach this next project with regards to SHOWstudio's Punk season. Exciting indeed!!