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Calling All Would-Be Screenwriters!

At last: your chance to control a high-end fashion shoot! We are inviting submissions for a 24-scene screenplay that will structure a 24-hour, live fashion broadcast to create a catalogue and film for YSL’s forthcoming ‘Edition 24’ collection over the night of Saturday 14th July. Read the brief and use the submission form to submit your treatments by Friday 6th July 2007: yes, you have just one week!. If Nick Knight and Stefano Pilati end up using your ideas on the day (again, you read right - the Head Designer of Yves Saint Laurent will be live on set), your name might just make it into the credits in the final film!


  1. danielaTo
    16:43 28 Jun 2007
    For any country in the world?
  2. intern
    16:54 28 Jun 2007
    Yes, ANYwhere, Daniela. Where are you?
    (And which hour of the day do you fancy?!)
  3. sylouzoun
    18:27 28 Jun 2007
    I absolutely adore the 24 hrs idea and this idea of a collective piece for Yves Saint-Laurent. I just hope you will leave some kind of randomness to so it would be less constructed, more surrealistic, like a "ysl cadavre exquis".
  4. vkhoshiko
    18:32 28 Jun 2007
    Q: love the idea. so will you choose one different writer per act? or one writer for the whole story? can I submit entries for every act?
  5. PennyMartin
    21:16 28 Jun 2007
    Yes, that's exactly the idea, but of course it will depend on the nature of the submissions. Have you started writing your chapter yet?
  6. intern
    21:19 28 Jun 2007
    Hi Victor,
    It's great to hear your response: we've had such great feedback already! We hope to involve as many writers as possible, so have a go at as many entries as you like. It only increases your chances of making it in there...
    Good luck! We look forward to reading them.
  7. romaodipapao
    23:27 28 Jun 2007
    Would like to know if the story must be written in english or if we can use french sentences or write the story in french, because it maybe suit better the YSL spirit. The model will speak only english?? Another question, the story is a moovie too :can we submit some music?? The collection can be watched somewhere , should we know when she changes and what the outfits are??
  8. sylouzoun
    00:20 29 Jun 2007
    of course i did! and i'm sure i'll write more within the next few days.
  9. PennyMartin
    10:23 29 Jun 2007
    Hmm, we very much doubt for the sake of consistency that there will be a mixture of languages in the finished film -that is unless the model/actress is speaking on the phone or in person to someone of another nationality in the narrative. If the film is to be edited down to 5 minutes, it makes no sense to alternate randomly between languages for no reason. Also, with only two weeks until the shoot, we have no time to involve translators. So, why don't we say write in English if you can (and in other languages perhaps where relevant to the narrative) which, presumably you can, romaodipapao. BUT you find it's impeding the flow then by all means, submit your entry and we'll see what we can do.
    As for music, we doubt there time to get into clearances at this notice. Perhaps write it into the stage directions, so we get a sense of mood, but we may not be able to play it in the finished piece.
    We will check on both accounts, however, of course.
  10. danielaTo
    17:30 4 Jul 2007
    i'm in Santiago de Chile
    far but not that much, funny contest!