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Celebrate Easter with Erica Schreiner's new film

Celebrate Easter with the launch of The Tale of the Bravest Warrior, the latest film by American video and performance artist Erica Schreiner. Featuring an adorable chick, Schreiner's new piece reveals the trials and tribulations of life as an egg.

Created using a vintage analog VHS video camera, the film’s faded hues and domestic opening scenes evoke an innocent nostalgia. A running tap fills a pan, eggs are put inside it and beautiful roses are placed on the surface of the water. Yet the tranquil scenes are soon disturbed.

‘In The Tale of the Bravest Warrior, the eggs go through several traumas,' explains Schreiner. 'They are boiled. They are broken. They are eaten. In an unexpected outcome, one survives the impossible odds. It's about courage. It's about the ability to fight the impossible and transpire, thriving.’ 

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