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Coverage of Atsuko Kudo's latest latex collection is live!

Hailing from Japan, designer Atsuko Kudo has made a splash across the fetish and high fashion scenes with her couture latex creations. She's previously undertaken multiple collaborations with the likes of Lady Gaga, Chalayan and Vivienne Westwood, and has even contributed here at SHOWstudio, dreaming up the mesmerising Dressing For Pleasure LiveStudio and offering up her Armour for Prostitutes for display in our gallery.

This week Kudo took part in the Lingerie London show benefitting the Seven Bar Foundation, a initiative that promotes the empowerment of women. Her collection, titled Restricted Love, drew inspiration from Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood For Love, a tale of bitter-sweet unfulfilled love starring previous SHOWstudio contributor Maggie Cheung. To match the retro tone of the collection, SHOWstudio decided to capture the evening using a variety of vintage feel apps including Instagram, 8mm and Cinemagram. Explore the latex looks in our mini films (which nod to Kudo's interest in Hollywood noir), view all of the design sketches, or read Lou Stoppard report on the collection in our Restricted Love project now.


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  1. Aurica
    11:27 4 Sep 2013
    The top image freaks me out. The boottm one is lovely, the way the material creates volume and bulgy wrinkles. I dislike sweaty knees and crotch and therefor would not enjoy wearing the trousers myself. Lasercut holes? Shorter trousers for ventilation? Miraculous inner lining?