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'Doctor My Eyes?' by Rachael Adams

[blockquote]Fashion lies; big wow. And with the brave new world of coffee-break plastic surgery, faces lie too.[/blockquote]
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Few means have been so consistently utilised in the fashioning of our bodies than cosmetics - animal, vegetable and mineral, with side effects often slipping to fatality. Our latest essay by Rachael Adams unpicks the beauty world through our eyes - a body part dubbed the windows to the soul but, as illustrated by our use of everything from kohl to cosmetic botulism, are just as subject to the vagaries of fashion as any other of our ever-shifting erogenous zones.


  1. la
    12:52 1 Sep 2010
    I am so pleased to se more writing on SHOWstudio.
    There is so much to say about fashion, that rises above the usual tedious debates.
    The fashion world is full of highly intelligent and creative people devoted to their art with every bit as much integrity as any other medium, whether it is ballet, cinema, music or painting.
    It is a shame that the world just wants to talk about the trivial , and vacant side.
    Anyway, the original point of my post was to say
    I loved reading this piece by Rachael Adams.
  2. hudson
    13:11 1 Sep 2010
    Agreed wholeheartedly.