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Erdem Moralioglu Interview Launched

As the trickle of A/W 2010 product into fashionable retailers worldwide becomes a flood, the time is ripe to launch the latest addition to our In Fashion series - a tête-à-tête well ahead of London Fashion Week with one of its brightest stars, Erdem Moralioglu. The inaugural winner of British Vogue's Fashion Fund, Erdem sat down with our Fashion Director Alexander Fury to discuss The Nutcracker, the nineties and his elementary schoolteacher's petticoats in this intimate and revealing insight into the source of his rightly celebrated creativity.

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  1. la
    22:49 23 Aug 2010
    I saw a criticism of this on another site , saying what a shame it was not in colour as Erdem does such lovely colourful clothes. God some people are stupid.
  2. Fox
    12:57 27 Aug 2010
    He is so adorable!! A really insightful interview, love it.
  3. someonegreat
    14:40 27 Aug 2010
    A wonderful addition to an already stellar series.
  4. Jane
    05:40 17 Jul 2012
    Really like Erdem's clothes too, AW10 in patlicurar (long long dresses, simple sillhouette, amazing prints) .BUT was so disappointed this year that the most anorexia looking model (the one that SamCam looks on at) was on his show. Tainted it a bit for me.