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Exclusive Kanye West and Ruth Hogben film now live!

Ruth Hogben's exclusive film with the one and only Kanye West is now live on SHOWstudio. Hogben teamed with the award-winning musician to create a film for his latest single Lost in the World. The song - featuring Justin Vernon of Bon Iver - is taken from West's fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Shot on location over two days, Hogben's piece offers a new and, arguably, feminised vision of West, which breaks the mould of popular rap aesthetics while still celebrating the extraordinary talent that has made West a modern icon. This is a rap video with a difference - fitting given the commitment from SHOWstudio's Fashion Fetish project to displaying art and film from a markedly female standpoint.

Watch Kanye West and Ruth Hogben's Lost in the World now!


  1. AndreaG
    17:06 4 May 2012
    This film is stunning, its a true work of art and should be shown at the Tate Modern!
    Those dancers are rocking my world right now! VERY proud of you Ruth xxxxxx Love Andrea xxxxx
  2. D
    21:07 4 May 2012
    The is a work of art no doubt...but it shouldn't be shown at the Tate Modern - AndreaG - otherwise people will have epileptic seizures!
    I think credit should be given to Ruth for the time spent on the work. Not for me.