by Lou Stoppard .

Farewell S/S 2013

It's hard to believe that over the past four weeks we've had over fifty fashion experts through our doors. I'm not one to name drop, but I must offer Antony Price, Stephen Jones, Frances Corner, Bella Freud, Lily Cole, Jane Sheperdson, Philip Treacy, Susannah Frankel, Amanda Harlech, Daphne Guinness, Judith Watt, Colin McDowell, Hilary Alexander, Imran Amed, Madelaine Levy, Jo-ann Furniss, Fred Butler, Hywel Davies, Ruth Chapman, Iain Webb, Judy Blame, Mandi Lennard, Ruth Hogben, Caroline Evans, Harriet Walker, Anna Trevelyan, Roger Tredre, Caryn Franklin, Harriet Quick, Sasha Wilkins, Bay Garnett, Marion Hume, Anna Laub, Bronywn Cosgrave, Andrea Gelardin, Kay Montano, Karl Plewka, Rosanna Falconer, Angela Quaintrell, Carlo Brandelli, Trino Verkade, Verity Parker, Maggie Norden, Virginia Bates, Katherine Zarrella, Quentin Jones, Mimma Viglezio, Natalie Theo, Ronnie Newhouse Cooke, Michael Howells, Dilys Williams and Yasmin Sewell a sincere thank you - without your expertise our dream of dynamic, critical live fashion discussions could never have been realised. Special thanks, of course, go to our fabulous stalwart panelist Camilla Morton, who took part in multiple discussions, giving up a great deal of her valuable time. In the earliest planning stages of this season - when the exciting live panels were just a fragment of our imagination - Nick Knight joked that this month would be like 'one long party'. I stifled a nervous scream at the time - the organisational web of panelists and shows just seemed too daunting - but, in the end, he couldn't have been more right. It has been an absolute pleasure analysing the shows alongside so many fantastic, creative minds. Such was my enjoyment that at points I forgot that I was hosting the discussions and simply sat back in awe of some of the knowledge I was witnessing like a starry-eyed teen fashion fan.

A huge thanks also goes to Indigo Clarke, Kiki Georgiou and Stephanie LaCava who have been out in the field while the rest of us reclined in luxury with tea and cake at Bruton Place. Your sharp show reviews are greatly appreciated. Our wonderful Tumblr-ist Rei Nadal deserves similar applause. She was faced with a hard task - covering all four fashion cities with just an iPad is no mean feat - but her charming illustrations have offered a cheery reminder of the sheer beauty of fashion. Additionally, Sean Cunningham's addictive backstage videos have given us a great insight into all the mischief that goes on behind the scenes.

It goes without saying that we are also greatly indebted to our amazing band of SHOWstudio interns who, alongside the rest of the full time team, have helped make the innovations this season so successful. Li Yin, Nicholas, Sue, Jake, Sally, Younji - and of course Andrew and Monique - your professionalism, hard work, intelligence and at points sheer unrestrained mania has been incredible. We couldn't have done it without you.

Roll on next season.


  1. intern
    16:13 3 Oct 2012
    Aw lovely post Lou! Without you of course, none of this would have been remotely possible. Onwards and upwards to SHOWstudio x
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    09:51 10 Jan 2013
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