by Lou Stoppard .

Fashion Fetish essay by Emer O'Toole now live!

'There’s power in ambiguity – in being able to expose people's prejudices and expectations. There’s pleasure in playing with cultural signifiers. In this way, head shaving can function as a feminist act – it breaks down learned beliefs about how men and women should behave, and helps to create a visually less gendered society.'

Most of us like to think that body hair is a personal issue, confined to the discreet salon or private bathroom. Not Emer O'Toole! This brave lady took her hair dramas public, penning a pointed piece on her decision to leave all her body hair untamed on Vagenda. The piece went viral, leading to an appearance on This Morning where O'Toole showed off her hairy legs and armpits in all their glory.

Today O'Toole turns her writing skills to SHOWstudio, offering up a witty yet thought-provoking piece on head-shaving, drawing on her own decision to go bald not once but twice. The piece, a response to Ellie Grace Cumming's Fashion Fetish film, is live now. Have a read!