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Fashion Fetish essay by Harriet Walker now live

'They’re all the same, from their poses to their Pucci pants and their bedroom backdrops. The turned-in toes, the iPhone clutched above the head: the ubiquitous paradigm that the web created from nothing some seven or eight years ago, and which has since eaten itself, burped and gone back for second and third helpings.'

It seems today - despite Madonna's insistent lyrics -  no one needs any encouragement to 'strike a pose'. We live in a strange digital world where anyone can become a model/stylist with the mere click of an iPhone. Anna Trevelyan and Grace Ladoja unpicked this phenomenon perfectly in their witty Fashion Fetish film, a tribute the the army of bedroom bloggers who's daily outfit choices make for such addictive viewing. In this week's essay Harriet Walker responds to this film, critiquing not just the posing prowess of this online army, but also the morals and messages behind their addiction to online self-objectification. Read on now.