by Lou Stoppard .

First look - Nick Knight's images for The New British

Today marks the release of The New British, a new magazine by Kez Glozier and Neville Brody. As the anticipated publication hits newsstands, we release images from Nick Knight's cover shoot with Manflu's Aza Shade, alongside two tracks from the alternative band (including a SHOWstudio exclusive, Surfers).

The New British focuses on taking an unflinching look at life in Britain today. This debut issue investigates 'the Friday night ritual' and all that it represents, from style to music and entertainment. Its content offers a fresh take on current events, showcasing bold, and at points disturbing, imagery and text that unpick experiences of living in Britain today. Contributors - alongside Nick Knight - include - Victoria Young, Dean Chalkley, Kevin Cummins, Pennie Smith and Ewen Spencer.

Nick Knight's cover images and editorial - viewable now onsite - reinterpret the classic British pin-up, drawing inspiration in part from David Bailey's image of the Kray twins and an archive photograph of Goldie, to offer a vision of Shade that is powerful, energetic and most of all modern, a perfect symbol, according to Glozier, of what The New British are all about. Look and listen now!