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HOOD BY AIR fashion film is now live!
Matthew Williams and Shayne Oliver

'HOOD BY AIR' is Matthew Williams' latest fashion film for New York underground fashion brand, Hood by Air. Williams is a photographer and art director, whose previous experiences include working alongside Lady Gaga as her creative director. More recently Williams has been collaborating on projects with brands including Nike, Supreme, Stussy and HBA. 

'HOOD BY AIR' is the first fashion film Williams has created for Shayne Oliver’s mysterious cult streetwear line. The brand has been slinking around since 2006 when Oliver first made his debut. In the film, three men wearing the latest HBA collection, styled magnificently by Tom Guinness are set against a backdrop of analogue footage of baseball games, nuclear explosions and drone-dropping planes as they stare intensely down the camera lens.

The exclusive soundtrack is provided by American rapper and music-video director A$AP Rocky. Through the dark bassy track and the sound of loaded guns ricocheting from the speakers, an appropriate tone for the edgy visuals is set. Although the dramatic slow motion scenes depict strapping lads with loaded weapons, Williams hopes the viewer questions the familiar intersections between war, sports, guns and clothing in contemporary culture, while not forgetting to appreciate the interesting lines and silhouettes created by the Hood by Air menswear collection. 

HOOD BY AIR is now live and exclusive to SHOWstudio, make sure to get your fix of anarchistic streetwear without delay.