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Inside The House of Viktor & Rolf

Opening the doors and allowing the public inside their world, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren invite us inside the house of Viktor & Rolf for a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Filmed live during the final week of the exhibition 'The House of Viktor & Rolf' at London's Barbican Gallery, this exclusive footage records an interview between Viktor & Rolf and Penny Martin, and three symposium presentations from José Teunissen, Dr. Ulrich Lehmann and Judith Clark, exploring the concepts behind the designers' inspirations, their creations and the exhibition itself. To complete the project, we have a video of Viktor & Rolf's Spring/Summer '09 collection 'Funny Face,' proposing Viktor & Rolf's vision of a 'fashion show of the future' and shown wholly online during Paris Fashion Week in October 2008. Not simply an online movie but a fashion show created in and for the Internet, the presentation collides both fashion reality with surreal fantasy, and couture elitism with the distinctly egalitarian medium of the World Wide Web.


  1. saint
    11:07 25 Oct 2008
    Penny Martin what a joy to behold! V and R charming, insightful,wonderful.
    More of these interviews on SHOWstudio,please.
  2. 1cal1
    16:56 25 Oct 2008
    What Dr Ulrich Lehman talked about was fascinating.
  3. IoanaNemes
    18:13 25 Oct 2008
    As happens in the art field: there are so few talk about the works exhibited, than when it happens we as the public, are amazed. Please, more interviews, more talks, more comments. Fashion needs it!
  4. saint
    23:52 25 Oct 2008
    I do think their show video could have been better though.
  5. GalileosUniverse
    07:37 26 Oct 2008
    Who says ' fashion and politics ' don't mix ?
    By the way I can't stop going back visually to this Capitano Spavento by Gareth Pugh every time I see those graphics in their collection .... inspiration... inspiration .... inspiration !
  6. GalileosUniverse
    07:39 26 Oct 2008
    Colombine by Viktor & Rolf