by Niamh White .

Iris van Herpen's water dress is taking shape!

Iris van Herpen has completed the second day of her LiveStudio and the water dress is beginning to take shape. During today's broadcast van Herpen has revealed various details about her working processes, her inspirations and her wish list of collaborators! Geoffrey Lillemon and Salvador Breed have also been answering viewers' questions and giving an insight into their editing and recording methods. If there's something you've been wanting to ask any of them, now's your chance. You can scroll to the bottom of the project page and submit your questions there. We're live again tomorrow from 11.00 BST for more Splash!

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  1. Thesmiling666
    10:55 5 Apr 2013
    Such a mesmerising concept. I can't get enough. You guys are always nothing less than awe inspiring.