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Just a few days left of Erica Schreiner's Tumblr curation!

Since 1 August, video and performance artist Erica Schreiner has been filling the SHOWstudio Tumblr page with inspiring imagery, from video stills to moving image clips. There's only two days remaining of Schreiner's guest curation, so be sure to head to our Tumblr page to see her vision take shape. You can also review past curations from creatives like Anna Trevelyan, Simon Foxton and Liberty Ross.

Check-out SHOWstudio's Tumblr page now! 


  1. matadin celeste
    23:03 5 Aug 2013
    can't she stay longer?
    How about a permanent residency ?
    Erica has been an inspiration!
  2. Nick Knight
    23:05 5 Aug 2013
    so glad you have enjoyed her curation.
    Erica is a SHOWstudio favourite too!
    We love her.
  3. Funeral
    14:00 6 Aug 2013
    I've really enjoyed Erica's curation.
    Her posts have given me a deeper understanding of her work, which I think has made the whole curation so worthwhile and interesting.
    Thank you Erica.