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Karen Elson on Steven Meisel

This week's Subjective interview is with British supermodel Karen Elson, who speaks to Nick Knight about her first time working with long-term collaborator Steven Meisel.

'It was my eighteenth birthday!' says Elson of the Vogue Italia cover with Meisel and Pat McGrath. 'The shoot that put my career on the map. It was the first time a photographer said 'Do what you want. Play!' I thought, 'I really love this man. He's seen me.''

Elson also discusses the early days of her modelling career ('Doing run-of-the mill haircare, living in a model apartment with twelve other girls') and recalls the decision to dye her hair to it's now signature shade of red; 'When a model walks in and has something distinctive, even if its just a spirit, its much more alluring.'

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