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Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Poster Download - Piece 4 Available!

Click here to download
Our visual remix of Lady Gaga's Born This Way artwork is rapidly building up - today sees the release of the fourth piece in this mammoth jigsaw puzzle, which will eventually reveal Nick Knight's re-imagining of this already-iconic image. Download all the pieces over the next month, then submit photographs of your own renderings of our remix to make your way into the Smoke & Mirrors Born This Way - Remix gallery of favourites! A new image will be released for download each day at 14:00 BST.


  1. SAKIS
    05:37 27 May 2011
    gaga on a motorcycle or gaga as a motorcycle?
  2. someonegreat
    11:42 27 May 2011
    Always love a free gift! Plus I am printing it out at work!