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Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Poster - Final Piece Now Available!

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The thirtieth and final piece of Nick Knight's unique visual remix of his cover artwork for Lady Gaga's third studio album, Born This Way, is released today, completing this re-interpretation of an already-iconic image inspired by the 'smoke and mirrors' theme of the SHOWstudio Shop exhibition Practice to Deceive.

Built up from a multitude of A4-pieces into a monolithic poster, the final image is no doubt set to grace Little Monster's bedroom walls the world over - and we want to see yours! and Nick Knight are throwing open the floor to Gaga's global fanbase and inviting you to submit your own assemblage of this exclusive poster-sized images.

Email photographs of your own SHOWstudio Smoke & Mirrors Born This Way Remix to us at and have your poster showcased in our soon-to-be-launched online gallery!


  1. PetitDMuffin
    21:11 21 Jun 2011
    cool ;3
  2. Gwali
    21:32 21 Jun 2011
    This is the last one, the born of 11 has begun.
  3. BtoRz
    00:34 22 Jun 2011
    f*ckin' amazin' PAWS UP!
  4. someonegreat
    15:20 25 Jun 2011
    If only I could get my eye-liner quite so perfect...