by Edison Chen .

the trilogy

36 hour road trip to VEGAS... what for???? for the MANNY PACQUAIO fight taking center stage at the MGM GRAND ARENA on the LAS VEGAS strip...... accompanying me was my good mans BRANDON HAIRSTON, and EDDIE CRUZ (undefeated) and my neighbour and amazing photographer KENNETH CAPPELLO...... 3 hrs and 30 mins later on a drive we arrived to VEGAS where the city seemed electrified....... with beautful seats given in c/o MGM MACAU we were jus stunned and as the fight came on every second seemed like a hour..... the fight was amazing and of course my boy MANNY came out with a 12th round decision.... everyone else seems to think MARQUEZ won and in my mind i was the winner hahahaha..... but i still stand by PAC MAN and if MARQUEZ wants a part 4 i am sure MANNY be ready to put some more smackdown on him, and until then or until the MAYWEATHER vs PACMAN fight i don't think i will be going to VEGAS anymore............. shouts to the team cuz they loving the crew......... nuff said



  1. 03:27 15 Nov 2011
    congratulations,winner,hahaha,well,can you tell me when will you come DaLian or ShenYang?I'm waiting now...
  2. Sarahmily
    03:32 15 Nov 2011
    wow,actually,I‘m doing an examnation,but congratulations,winner,hahaha,well,can you tell me when will you come DaLian or ShenYang?I'm waiting now...
  3. c
    03:53 15 Nov 2011
    hei man,nuff said^^

  4. 05:08 15 Nov 2011
    kewl~! n'nicepics. =)

  5. 07:21 15 Nov 2011
    Well, i guess, indeed nuff said. Great photo shots! btw.
  6. m_whc
    07:25 15 Nov 2011
    Oh, didn't put name on. It's me, btw +1
  7. mikapp
    07:26 15 Nov 2011
    add me
  8. mikapp
    07:26 15 Nov 2011
    i like you.i am from Xi'an
  9. Edison4-11
    08:02 15 Nov 2011
    the king of the world ~U are the hero of XI fans! haha

  10. 09:46 15 Nov 2011
    SO COOL.
  11. JamieJee
    13:21 15 Nov 2011
    wow that's very amazing.........hahahahaaaaaa c u next new blog........
  12. manuelhorta
    18:08 15 Nov 2011
    I love the box and it was really sad to see the decision of the judges. I had the opportunity to be in part of the fight preparation of Marquez, he was always confident, strong and secure, as demonstrated in the ring. unfortunately the decision protected the most popular character and casts doubt on the credibility of boxing, a sport of appreciation that is controlled by economic interests. Pacquiao is a great fighter, one of the best I've seen in my life, but this time someone was better than him, no one is invincible and it's good to know.

  13. 01:04 16 Nov 2011
  14. penny wu
    02:16 16 Nov 2011
    wow!!! Pac Man , cool!!!!! How was your trip? You should have a good rest, and Looking forward to see you on sunday! NIKE RUNNING @SHANGHAI

  15. 07:10 16 Nov 2011
    i wanna to go LAS VADAS , too. hoping that you will renew massages everyday and reply me. love u .....

  16. 11:43 16 Nov 2011
    Hi... Baby, keep ur smile! &Miss u...
  17. Lillian1990
    02:09 17 Nov 2011
    I like you,you are so cool so cute!I hope i can meet you in the future!edc !!
  18. elainesun941125
    06:49 17 Nov 2011
    Wahah~EDC~When will u cum back Vancouver~~~? May I go to VYR to see u~~? I am toooooo excited!!
  19. _yj
    02:20 18 Nov 2011
  20. b
    06:22 18 Nov 2011
    hey sexyyy where is your CLOT BLOG going i cant view it u didnt shut it down right?
    i dun wanna hav to check u out on sina,YOU KNOW


    get it back if u shut your blog down

    or maybe its just the mainland shit..???

  21. bree
    06:27 18 Nov 2011
    sorry i dunno wht is going on wit the last comment anyway thats mine but its got sth it picked a B outta a Bree man

  22. 13:35 18 Nov 2011
    yeah edc is a cool guy.i admire him much.
  23. Scarlle
    13:54 21 Nov 2011
    Hey, i wish u were happy,while i saw some news about the show recently, i have to say time is a magic, it can bring something awful ,at the same time fairview is nearby! We all belive u gonna over all the bad things! Keep smile...! Love u !
  24. Sarahmily
    12:41 29 Nov 2011
    hey,guy,I think you should update the blog if you have time,hei﹌○﹋
  25. YOMI
    11:40 12 Dec 2011
    The boss, I love you