by Paul Hetherington .

Live Section, now... Live

When we introduced a site design upgrade at the end of last month, we promised a further four new sections to come. Campaigns was the first of those to be added to the left hand navigation, and the second launches today in the form of the Live section. This area contains video clips and images, sent live by phone from events, and will also feature our live webcam streams of photoshoots and performances.

Unlike all the other sections, Blog, Current, etc, you'll notice that sometimes there is no appearence of Live features on the Home Page. When a Live article is sent to us, it will appear at the top of the Home Page (above the Blog). When another article is sent, it will replace the previous one, so you'll only ever see the latest Live article on the Home Page. If no new Live article is transmitted for 24 hours, the article and the Live heading on the Home Page dissapears until there is a new one.

The Live Section collates all the live articles in a chronological archive, though they can all also be found inside their respective projects, and sometimes the Blog. We'll also be adding a "Forthcoming" list to this section, to let you know what Live webcam events to put in your diary.

This may not all make sense, and might be a little confusing at first. The simple explanation is... look out at the top of the home page for new video clips, images and webcam streams as they happen. If you miss them here, look in the Live section (left hand navigation).