by Neal Bryant .

Louis Vuitton - Harmony Trunk Soundtrack
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During the project The Sound Of Clothes: Anechoic SHOWstudio embarked on exploring the sounds that specific garments produced whilst being worn. In a similar vein, Louis Vuitton have attempted to share a different perspective of one of their iconic pieces, the Harmony Trunk, by asking Al Doyle from Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem to produce a soundtrack from the workshop sounds that are created during the production of the piece.

Nearly all of the sounds used within the piece are made from source material, including: background textures, sawing sounds, sawhorse installation, filing down and cutting-out canvas, all of which have been reinterpreted and reworked to produce this track.


  1. 12:43 19 Apr 2012
    Sublime !!!!!!!!!
  2. Ahmad
    21:41 24 Nov 2012
    I CAN'T STAND THOSE GODDAMN POCKETS THAT STICK OUT I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. haha.I like when thin guys where slim but loose jeans that fold over to form a cuff right by the foot. converse rule.I like those brown and black jeckats that are designed like leather jeckats but have a more windbreakery plastic-bag-like feel to them.I like when guys wear plain white V-neck burnout tshirts whith either tattoos or dyed hair.