by Marie Schuller .

Marco Bellocchio at the Marrakech International Film Festival


There couldn't have been a bigger contrast to our previous sitter in our In Your Face Interviews series, then Italian director Marco Bellocchio. With a critically praised portfolio of movies going back half a century, SHOWstudio was eager to meet the influential film maker and talk about his work. However, our conversation was a little one sided. Since Marco prefers to speak Italian, we as yet don't know the content of his responses. All we can reveal is that we questioned him about the development of film following the introduction of film schools in Europe, the role of family in his work, and his views on the current state of Italian politics. And his tone of voice sounded promising.

Watch out for the full interview (with subtitles) at 



  1. jon.emmony
    16:46 10 Dec 2011
    I can't wait to see these, great work out there.
  2. intern
    02:06 11 Dec 2011
    can't wait! hope there's some gossip from him about salo!