by Penny Martin .

More Pictures From Vienna

Prof. Alison Clarke and family have a go
Nick Ryan demonstrates the Synaesthesia interactive

Politely omitting to say mine were rather, er, 'overcast', Nick Ryan has been in touch with some more pictures of the installation; some by him (here) and these ones by Wolf Leeb, the appointed conference photographer.


  1. Kofer
    21:00 23 Feb 2013
    My sons wanted their prcuties done in the town that they grew up in. We have been through a lot this year. The tornado damage to our property/home was significant. We were home when it hit and we lost all 7 acres. We all worked so hard to get to where we are now.12 and 14 hour days in the beginning. Showing the town with the damage was important to them because we are still here and smiling .and we worked hard! This is what they wanted.It is important to them. These are Nick and Cam's senior prcuties, no one else's.I love them.Angela Talbot
  2. Bopa
    21:00 23 Feb 2013
    we could go to that place Thatcher's in South Portland. anyone ever been there? they have some wikecd good buffalo chicken nachos.or we could go to Dockfore, on the weekends they sell a 20oz. PBR draft and a shot of McGillicuddy's for $3.I am thinking sometime around 6 or so.Any thoughts?