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New augmented reality project launched: The Man Who Knows Everything

A Voltaire quote - 'The man who knows everything and never dies' - and a fictional 400-year old alchemist inspired London jeweller Hannah Martin's latest collection. However, the interpretation of the collection is resolutely modern - both in the real world, and in The Man Who Know Everything, the online showcase on Martin has taken over the ground-floor windows of London's Dover Street Market from 17 March 2011 for a unique collaborative installation with Moritz Waldemeyer, a laser-strung obelisk that emits music when the beams are strung.

The online step of the project, however, offers two new showcases for Martin's jewellery creations: a fashion film created by Ian Rodney Wooldridge captures the collection in action, while an exclusive application, developed with Holition, allows Hannah Martin fans worldwide to try on a key piece from the collection, the Comte's Pyramid Ring, via augmented reality. For those who hanker after a piece of Martin's very real-reality, however, we also offer four pieces for sale through SHOWstudio Shop.