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New Site Feature
SHOWstudio Calendar

Click back through ten years of SHOWstudio history.

Spot coming up live streams at-a-glance on the calendar widget.

Cut the feed down to what you care about, with filters.

Here at SHOWstudio, we’re excited to announce a big new feature on our new site — the Calendar.  It’s now easier than ever to keep your finger on the pulse of online fashion and live events here, or flip back in our annals of fashion, exhibitions, and interviews.

Included in the Calendar you’ll find helpful features, so that you can experience the full breadth of SHOWstudio content and catch up on what's most important to you:

The Feed
Scroll through the feed on the left to see what you've missed. You'll find everything from recent videos and image galleries to new Collections reports, Shop additions, and job openings.

The Calendar Widget
The calendar widget on the right gives you a quick overview of the current month’s activities.  Live streamed events appear in red.  Upcoming events appear on the upcoming list on the sidebar, so you are sure not to miss our roster of exciting live-streamed performances and interviews. 

Year view
Switch to the Year view and quickly click far back through SHOWstudio’s history.  With over ten years of fashion, art, and music projects, you’re sure to happen upon something great.

Cut the feed down to what matters most to you — be it fashion week reports, articles by a roster of prominent writers and fashion journalists, or imagery.

Stay up-to-date on SHOWstudio content on your aggregator of choice.  Subscribe to the Calendar RSS.  And whilst you’re at it, sign up to our weekly newsletter.

Give it a go.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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  1. 11:54 18 Feb 2012
    Wow! This is so good and just what I need to hear, Becky. I srtlggue so with time. It's one of my biggest areas of tension. I will try to take your lessons to heart.I'm glad you're reading Spurgeon and at least will be commenting on Challies' blog. I always enjoy hearing your insights. Enjoy your travels!Blessings,Lisa