by Penny Martin .

Nick Ryan demos Synaesthesia Interactive in Vienna

Marios Schwab & Nick Ryan at Vienna MAK
Susie Coulthard tries the touchscreen

Nick Ryan did us proud with a truly gripping demo of Daniel Brown and his Synaesthesia interactive at the (interesting) Death of Taste conference on Friday. I must admit, it made a big difference to hear a composer 'play' it, via the touchscreen. The sight of it, projected giant-size onto one of the walls of Vienna's grand MAK, coupled with the extraordinary sound, transmitted via loudspeakers, was quite an overwhelming experience. You couldn't keep Marios Schwab -pictured on the left- away from the touchscreen!

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  1. Harigovind
    03:56 19 Aug 2012
    Ah, well, just before bed could prove troeblusome, but given how tired you've looked in your last few SPs, Shem, it might not cause you any hassles at all! I just find them really hard to get hold of. Most places don't serve them and if they do, they get it badly wrong