by Marie Schuller .

Pascal Greggory: In Your Face Interviews series-Marrakech International Film Festival

We knew Pascal Greggory as a talented versatile French actor from films like La Vie en Rose and La Reine Margot. Little did we know about his adventurous past hanging out with a 16 year old Christian Laboutin at the French equivalent to Studio 54, La Palace, or his first time visiting Morocco at the age of 22, which he did with close friend Yves Saint Laurent, spending most of the time "staying at the house, smoking joints". 

Interviewed in our Marrakech mobile mini studio, Pascal gives us a personal and honest insight into a fascinating life that brought together rising stars of French fashion and cinema.You can listen to his stories soon in the uncut interview as part of our series In Your Face: Interviews. Interviews at the Marrakech International Film Festival will continue tomorrow.