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Penny grills the talent

This snap perhaps seems a little stern, considering Penny actually wasn't giving Mairead of the Queens of Noize a good telling off for cranking up the volume during her set. Perhaps she was canvassing a few tips to keep us in tip-top radio-ready condition, considering we still have 30-something hours of broadcast to go. Stay tuned!

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  1. Tanha
    21:05 17 Aug 2012
    If he thinks she looks hot in a dress, then why does he think she needs to lose more wehgit before she can wear it again? And it's not like she went from Kate Moss to Beth Ditto. She had a baby, it changes your body. And she's clearly not knocking on diabetes' door due or suffering from any other obesity-related health issues something (uh, since she's not obese!), so his romantic excuse of wanting her to live longer is so ridiculous. She gives me the sads.