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Peter Jensen and Julie Verhoeven in Café Conversation

The latest film in our Café Conversations series is now online: a recording of London-based Danish designer Peter Jensen in animated (and highly amusing) conversation with artist Julie Verhoeven, a long-term Jensen collaborator. Watch their intimate, unique and entirely unedited conversation now, filmed live in the SHOWstudio Shop space as part of the exhibition The Café - open for just two more days!

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  1. Amit
    07:15 2 Sep 2013
    Today, as usual, is a beautiful day in San Miguel de Allende. Each day is wneodrful, filled with new adventures and challenges. But that has always been what I enjoy about life. And so, at the end of each day, I am thankful for the day, my family, my job, and all of the adventures of today. And I think, what will tomorrow bring? Bring it on life.