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Radio Soulwax - Visual Remix's

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 Radio Soulwax is over a year old it is still unbelivably exciting. It is a website and App that countinuously plays the mixes of the band. Not only does it play them it also shows the mixes. Djs used to hang the vinyl sleeve for the song they were playing above them whilst they played it. I dont know how but to add a modern twist to this forgotten tradition, they have editted the album cover to jerk and dance with the song on a screen behind them as they DJ. The amount of time gone into these projects is unthinkable and it has payed off. If dance music isnt your thing then skip to 0:03:33 to see their vesion of 'Love Is The Drug' by Roxy Music or 0:27:26 to see their 'Standing In The Way Of Control' Remix. Whether you like dance music or not, check it out as it is very good and also has a lot of humour to it. 

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