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Read the latest 'Hospital Rooms' interview with artist Steve Macleod!

In the latest instalment in our Hospital Rooms project, artist Steve Macleod discusses his role in the refurbishment of the reception and main communal areas of The Phoenix Unit, Springfield University Hospital. Hospital Rooms is a registered charity, founded in 2016 by curator Niamh White and artist Tim A Shaw with the intention of promoting the improved wellbeing of mental health service users. 

Support for those with mental health issues is something that all of us at SHOWstudio care about deeply, so we are proud to support the work of Hospital Rooms. 

Read the full interview with SHOWstudio Editorial Assistant Lara Johnson-Wheeler and explore the rest of the Hospital Rooms project, featuring work from artist Aimee Parrott, landscape architect Joh Bates and photographer and SHOWstudio Director Nick Knight