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Rebecca & Mike at 'Season Ticket'

Creative partnership Rebecca & Mike’s work has never been easily defined. With past projects including ‘The Air Mail Dress', which folded out of an envelope for Hussein Chalayan in 1999, and creating the Foreign Office's replacement for Google, the pairs involvement with pop up underground art fair Season Ticket in Shoreditch this Christmas was sure to provide more interesting viewing than Santas or Rudolphs.

The pair's latest project Archaeology of the Future questions the need to wait around to allow history to be made. Inspired by archaeologists currently excavating Roman floors, Rebecca & Mike will be selling pieces of tarmac roads as reflections of our social history, a few thousand years before scholars are likely to elevate them to cultural significance. Showcased with other subversive artists from the capital, including Sweet Toof, James Jessop and many others, Rebecca & Mike are giving you a chance this Christmas to question how we will be judged by archaeology and own a piece of future history.

Road Range pieces - £100 - £300

Season Ticket
Shoreditch Underground Art Fair
The Old Shoreditch Station
Pedley Street (off Brick Lane)
London E1
Friday 16th Dec: 4pm-9pm
Saturday 17th Dec: 10am-6pm
Sunday 18th Dec: 10am-6pm