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Remember You Were Made To Be Used × illyr

On the 22nd of this month, the incredible REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED and illyr are screening their new film "Prelude" to celebrate there newfound collabortaion.

"The two artists have begun producing a triptych of music videos under the title ‘scrolling subconscious’, exploring the juncture between love, lust and sexuality in the face of surveillance within a digital age.

This week long exhibition will be a continuation of REMEMBER's own work as well as an initiation of what’s to come via remnants of the past. Expect chaos of footage, disused images, replicated zines, unused boys, worn out clothes and soundscapes which make use of sampled found-sound ranging from arias, church recordings to sex clubs and amateur pornography.

Based between Paris and London, REMEMBER and illyr’s practices combine choreography, filmmaking, video montage, music and print to address various aspects of intimacy, identity and privacy.

Clothing and styling in collaboration with Sonny Tassel."






4 Benyon Road


United Kingdom

N1 5TY