by Dan Challis .

Vanity Fair's 'On Jewellery' also choose Shaun Leane as one of this summer's stand out jewellery designers

For the UK’s August issue of Vanity Fair the fashion magazine has chosen to release their On Jewellery supplement. Gracing the cover is actress Gemma Arterton wearing a beautiful piece by British designer Shaun Leane - one of SHOWstudio Shop’s Summer Show favourites.

Not only is the cover bedecked with one of Leane’s fearsome talon-like creations, the magazine also features him as one of this year’s standout talents in the world of fine jewellery commenting on his ‘masterly’ approach to capturing the ‘armour and weaponry found in nature’ in his work.

For our Summer Show we have specially selected several pieces from his recent collections, including the leather bracelet from his Horn collection, as well as the hooked delights taken from his Signature Tusk collection, including earrings, bangles and necklaces, which draw inspiration from the tusk motifs of the past. All are available to purchase online and in store at 19 Motcomb Street.


  1. pietro
    22:26 30 Jul 2013
    Please do a piece on Shaun Leane on show STUDIO, his jewellery is so major.
    He did a flower that had petals that opened and shut, which i saw ages ago.
    A lovely person too.
  2. nick knight
    15:14 1 Aug 2013
    Dear Pietro,
    yes I totally agree.
    And don't worry we have plans for young Shaun.......stay tuned.
    The piece you mention was for Boucheron for their 150th Anniversary and it was wonderful.
    I think it was toured, but as to where you could see it now.....
    Best I can do is this...
    and is is the loveliest man too!
  3. Nick Knight
    20:35 1 Aug 2013
    Dear Pietro,
    We might indeed be planning something with Shaun....just stay tuned.
    The piece you mention was for Bouchron.
    I know it toured but I don't know where you could see it now.
    and yes Shaun is the loveliest of men!
  4. Nick Knight
    20:40 1 Aug 2013
    this won't let me add YouTube links , but if you want to see his amazing flower go to YouTube and search Boucheron & Shaun Leane Necklace.
    Hope you like it.