by Alexander Fury .

Show and Tell with Rebecca and Mike

This afternoon was a treat here at towers: a show and tell session with the wonderful Rebecca and Mike, who dropped by to show us their rather incomparable wares. Think laser-tracking, zero-gravity circulatory diagrams, a natty way with an airmail envelope and the goal-post sized gilded baroque frame they created for our Art of Football project - fit for any Fragonard (or Frank Lampard, for that matter).

As a self-confessed fashion fanatic, my favourite was their contribution to the exhibition 'Workwear' at the Sheila C. Johnston Design Centre's exhibition space at Parson's in New York. In celebration of Parson's new MFA in Fashion Design and Society, the exhibition explores the legacy of workwear in American fashion and its influence on contemporary constructions of New York as a fashion capital - or, in Rebecca and Mike's terms - 'it's an exhibition about "fashion" and "doing business" and "New York".' Which, quite naturally, got the duo thinking about extreme workwear - in this case, traditional mascot uniforms from U.S. institutions like Dunkin' Donuts, Hershey's, The New York Mets and more. Their reflection in contemporary fashion? Well, look at Jeremy Scott or Cassette Playa and their fashion children are plain to see.

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  1. hudson
    18:03 23 Jul 2010
    THERE'S some fashion I can get excited about!