by Edison Chen .


got a look into the world of JAY Z and KANYE WEST at Madison Square Garden on the second night they were in the BIG APPLE..... the show was amazing and just all in all dope, the visuals on the screens were crisp and the sound was banging with classics performed from each other's solo repertoire topped off with the hits from the THRONE.... the laser and light show had me feeling like i was suspended in time in another dimension..... the songs and the performances were amazing..... i ventured into the arena with my good homie KAWS and we just rocked the whole show from top to end and was lounging in the back for some good homie chilling..... in the back there was a photobooth that was branded WATCH THE THRONE and we got a old school analog feeling photo from the machine........ all in all if u in a city and WATCH THE THRONE is there u better get ur ass in there..... for real for real.... love to DON.C and IBN and VIRGIL and def my boy KANYE for letting us BALL SO HARD!!!!!!!! thatshitcray


  1. n
    08:40 12 Nov 2011
    sounds amazing!
    fantastic to see Edison Chen blogging for SHOWstudio !
    Such a cool guy.

  2. 09:13 12 Nov 2011
    Happee see ur blog again..
    Keep it bros..
    Mizz yan

  3. 09:23 12 Nov 2011
  4. Edison4-11
    09:33 12 Nov 2011
    I think I have found it! ~haha~I gonna to support u~Fighting
  5. S
    09:38 12 Nov 2011
    gotcha! super dope!
  6. spuriler
    09:40 12 Nov 2011
    yun ,jiu suan ni tao dao nali dou meiyou yong,haha,yin wei bu guan ni zai nali ,hai shi hui bei ren zhao dao .ni zhe beizi zhu ding shi yao dai zhe "yanzhaomen"de wu dian le, suo yi rensheng yi bu dou bu yao zou cuo ,hekuang ni hai shi gongzhong yu ni yijing quanshen dou wuzhuobukan le ,name hui you geng duo de ren wang ni de shen shang po shi huozhe liao,zhe jiu shi suowei de" ma tai xiao ying".ni
    na me xi huan shuo yingwen, bu zhidao ni ke fou neng kan dong zhe duan hua ?hehe ......wo cengjing hen xi huan ni de ge xing zuo feng,dan ni tai li jing pan dao.yi jing chao guo shi ren de daode .wo yi du ren wei ni shi ge wanlong nv ren ganqng de ren ,yin ci ni bu hui huode zhen ai ,jiu haobi yongqing li kai yi yang. mei you nv hai hui dui ni fu chu zhen ai ,tamen ye zhi shi zai li yong ni er yi .ke bei ke bei .ru guo ni xian zai hai meiyou fanxing guolai.zhi neng shuo tao yan ni de ren hui yue lai yue duo .ru guo zhi shi yi ge ren tao yan ni ,qing you ke yuan ,yinwei women dou bu shi shengren.dan na me duo de ren taoyan ni ,ni jiu bu neng bu zi ji fanxing yi xia le .ping chang zong shi kan ni fa de na me duo de yingwendanci ,hai wo hen nuli de qu kan .yin wei wo de yingwen shui ping mei na me hao .jin tian ye rang ni fei jin de kan yi xia ......hehe huo xu ni gen ben bu hui kan ,dan zong suan bao ci chou
  7. Edison4-11
    09:41 12 Nov 2011
    I think I have found it! ~haha~I gonna to support u~Fighting
  8. Ken
    09:49 12 Nov 2011
    amazing THRONE, amazing EDC~~~~

  9. 09:51 12 Nov 2011
    Super Awesome!

  10. 09:56 12 Nov 2011
    only encourage you,go ahead,come on !
  11. edc-猫猫
    10:14 12 Nov 2011
  12. Fiona-tt
    10:16 12 Nov 2011
    wow,I must learn English better,though I understand what you said,I'm listening the《Sky Blue Pink》now,pretty good,wait you comeDaLian!!Whatever,what you are doing now all are you should hang on,

  13. 10:17 12 Nov 2011
    Edison hi
    just be yourself
    love u 4ever

  14. 10:44 12 Nov 2011
    hey .. edc i will support you forever, whatever happen with you ..... love you . bb
  15. lady-s
    10:50 12 Nov 2011
    loving you ,supporting you……
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    11:06 12 Nov 2011
    yeah .i find u. support u edc.
  17. annie.
    11:18 12 Nov 2011
    my english is not good.becuz of u .i learn english very hard.i like u very much.becuz i think u r very true..dont know whether u can understand my words.hahahaah .i know my english is very poor....finally forever.

  18. 11:20 12 Nov 2011
    Edison Support you!
  19. Cindy___
    11:39 12 Nov 2011
  20. Annie Chen
    11:56 12 Nov 2011
    You are always you, no matter how the media said, after two years I will see you in Hong Kong
  21. Ama
    14:09 12 Nov 2011
    looking forward to see u in tw soon ! :0)

  22. 14:22 12 Nov 2011
    i will go to HK in July next year.i hope i can meet u in the CLOT.

  23. 14:46 12 Nov 2011
    jia you 、
  24. _YJ
    14:59 12 Nov 2011
    e d c 、. . . . . . . . . . . . .
  25. P
    15:37 12 Nov 2011
    Did you go watch the concert with Cammie?
  26. m_whc
    15:54 12 Nov 2011
    Haha, I v missed ur blog for long. N now like here. This rocks!

  27. 16:32 12 Nov 2011
    We understand you. Stand by you forever.
  28. edcfans
    16:39 12 Nov 2011
    I hope you happy. On when everything is just a game. You are the greatest God. Believe in yourself, not who can beat you. Like you and JAY_Z, is a legendary
  29. penny
    16:57 12 Nov 2011
    found it! of course it's amazing show! I saw the photo u with jay z n kanye, you guys so cool! so, u still in NYC?

  30. 17:19 12 Nov 2011
    It's annoying how I can't help but be reminded of you every single time I listen to ANY track from WTT.

  31. 18:02 12 Nov 2011
    the standard of man have 5C:Caring Charming Cheerful Confident Creative . all of that you did.
    Edison Chen i love you .please hold that . All of your Fans will support you .
  32. Toby
    18:39 12 Nov 2011
    Edc support here
  33. Zee
    22:04 12 Nov 2011
    I'm such a big funs of Kanye West, getting sooo jealous!! Well done Edison!
  34. edcyinjf
    04:38 13 Nov 2011

  35. 05:09 13 Nov 2011
    爱你 7年Fighting
  36. Martyrs
    05:56 13 Nov 2011
  37. 刘杨
    07:19 13 Nov 2011
    Edison chen! Pay attention to you for a long time, want to have one of your CLOT
  38. bbKOEI.SEN
    03:30 14 Nov 2011
    IN MY CASE i LOVE u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SUPPORT U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    support u!
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    Hello, Edison!Just walk your own way,I love you guy!
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    13:38 15 Nov 2011
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    04:51 16 Nov 2011
    Yeah, I love you , Edison.
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    05:31 17 Nov 2011
    Yeah !!! I followed u here!
  45. elainesun941125
    07:06 17 Nov 2011
    — spuriler
    dont type PINYIN!
    it is so difficult that i cant really understand what are u talking about - -!!!

    EDC bore in Vancouver, so he are not good at PINYIN- - Dont show ur PINYIN to us here..!
  46. elainesun941125
    19:18 17 Nov 2011
    I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!Zzzzzzzzzz.........!!!!!!!!!

    SURPPORT U FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 11:39 19 Nov 2011
    please don't let us down again, please!
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    If you can find me