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'Soaked 09' by Petar Petrov

Suffused with luminescent colour, shot with an almost claustrophobic slowness and owing a debt to the common currency of contemporary fashion advertising, Petar Petrov’s entirely silent contribution to Future Tense manages, nevertheless, to say a great deal. Reminiscent of both the implied eroticism of David Hockney’s Pool series, and the myth of Narcissus in its waterbound championing of masculine beauty, Petrov’s haunting film is interesting in its focus on the male form divine - naturally enough, perhaps, for a menswear designer. However, while the nude-coloured garments are designed to go (almost) unnoticed, the power and impact of the aesethetic is indelible. A Bigger Splash indeed.


  1. rainav
    16:28 25 Aug 2008
  2. someonegreat
    14:03 26 Aug 2008
    Expand. If you please.
    For the record, I think this film is great. Kind of like a Calvin Klein advertisement if Calvin Klein advertisements were any good any more.