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The Chest by Alice Hawkins

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This week, our Fashion Body is taking a decidedly sexual twist - first Ruth Hogben's buttocks were prominently showcased on Monday, and today photographer Alice Hawkins' chest takes centre stage. Or rather, her vision of the chest does, captured on a whirlwind topless road-trip across the Nevada Desert and paying titillating tribute to the great, grand bare-breasted tradition of the iconic Las Vegas showgirl.


  1. 1cal1
    23:41 28 Jul 2010
    I am a huge Alice Hawkins fan, and it i am very pleased to see her creating great fashion films as well as her brilliant pictures.
    Please can you get more AH on this site?
  2. 1cal1
    23:43 28 Jul 2010
    Can i go on a "whirlwind topless roadtrip" whatever that is?
  3. 1cal1
    23:45 28 Jul 2010
    I would love to know more about the girl in the film , but there are no credits and no information about her.More info PLEASE!
  4. alex.fury
    09:02 29 Jul 2010
    Hi --1cal1--,
    Funny you should mention it but we have a fashion film editorial for A/W 2010 in the works with Alice at this very moment! Watch this space - it's scheduled to launch in September.
  5. alex.fury
    09:08 29 Jul 2010
    Hi again --1cal1--,
    I can't help very much unfortunately - and I'm not sure the film's credits would either! I do know she is called India and I actually think this was filmed on Alice's Bachelorette trip across the USA.
    If you're anxious to see Alice's wonderful Sophia Kokosalaki weddding frock, it's featured in our 100 Portraits shoot for i-D - in the next issue, with video portraits launching on site very soon!
  6. Brights
    10:22 29 Jul 2010
    I wasn't familiar with Alice Hawkins before this film, but I am dying to see more.
  7. 1uke
    17:41 29 Jul 2010
    Playful & provocative... you've done it again Alice, well done!

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